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i <3 financial aid January 21, 2011

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Howdy, gang!  Ya know, I gotta tell ya, I am so glad that I never finished my bachelor’s in horticulture all those years ago when I was living in Madison.  If I had been on point and gotten a degree like a good little paramecium I wouldn’t be eligible for student grants in the here and now.  Thank you, twenty year old self, for being a big ole confused slack ass.  But wait!  It gets better.  The program I am in now is a three year shebang that won’t give me a bachelor’s either.  If I transfer to another midwifery school I can get a bachelor’s, but FSTM isn’t offering this yet.  Sooooooo in a nutshell this means that I am currently deciding where to move to and go to school (some more) after my schooling in Florida is finished.  I ought to get a doctorate in some damn thing or another, right?  Why pay back my student loans when I can just stay in school until I am dead?  I’d like a doctorate in something absurd like contemporary Sumerian literature, or urban planning for gypsies, or morse syntax.  Find me the school that offers such gems!

Anyway, all of that hogwash bullshit that I just wrote was inspired by a nice financial aid check that I received (and cashed, muthafuckas) on Wednesday.  I was able to complete the rest of my school shopping yesterday, though I still need a couple of notebooks.  I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to throw a couple of notebooks into the cart when I was at Target; I was throwing every other damn thing in there.  I ordered a sweet GPS off of Amazon too after realizing that it’s twice as much to get the same thing at Target.  Now I won’t have to worry about getting lost on the way to births.   Whew.

I also bought a new scale.  It’s terribly fancy looking, and measures percentage of body fat, and body muscle, and water, and so on and so forth.  I am happy to report a two pound loss.  I laughed a lot when I did my percentage of body fat reading.  I never knew it was possible to be fifty percent body fat.  Just over half of me is whipped grease.  Starting at approximately two feet and nine and a half inches from the floor, visualize that the rest of my body is composed of bacon fat.  Mold some Crisco into half a Deonn shape.  Thirty two percent of me is muscle.  Layer muscle onto the bacon fat, add water, and there I am!  Yikes.

I work out just about every day now.  I can’t stand the idea of being at a birth clinic two days a week and not being healthy and in shape.  I know there are a lot of tubsters in health related fields, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to be one of them.  How can anybody stand to give health advice that they do not follow themselves?  One of the gals in my class works with an extremely obese cardiologist.  How does that even happen?

I have a lot of coloring to do for A&P II, so if anybody wants to do it for me, let me know.  I’ve ordered a couple of books for my research topic for the semester… da daa daaaaa DUM, I got “sexuality during pregnancy.”  This is officially the coolest research topic that I’ve ever had.  Just cause you happen to be six months pregnant doesn’t mean that you can’t get down, ladies.

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5 Responses to “i <3 financial aid”

  1. goodnuff Says:

    Fin aid check day was always the best day each semester. i ended up borrowing roughly $22,000 for 5 years of college. 13 years and $19,000 in payments later guess how much I owe?! $23,000. Lesson 1) private school is a rip off Lesson 2) take as little fin aid as you can possibly get by on Lesson 3) Never, i mean NEVER, take the interest only payment plan for 3 years Lesson 4) avoid forbearances, it is convenient when you are sliding through a rough patch but you pay for it in abundance in the end

    Thankfully this tubby healthcare provider does not have to lecture on ideal BMI, healthy eating or activity. I’ll save that for PCP’s. 😉 But I remember having those same feeling when I was in school and if I worked in a clinic and had to hand out leaflets on healthy diets I’d feel like a hypocrite fo’ shizzle.

  2. didibuttonsley Says:

    I’m hoping that by the time I start paying my loans back I’ll be making good money. That’s why I want to stay in school at least half time. That’s crazy that you owe more than you originally borrowed!
    We have to talk A LOT about proper nutrition at the clinic. Some women think pregnancy means nine months of eating garbage, but nothing is further from the truth. Being at the clinic has inspired me to put good nutrition into action though. Our class is all super focused on being fit as well, so it helps to have extra support. Half of us have recently changed our diets and exercise routines.

  3. pepagirl Says:

    Sounds like you had a good day as far as shopping goes 🙂 . I have a scale that measures body fat and water, but not muscle. I highly doubt I’ve gained any considering that I can’t work out right now, but my BF is staying consistent.

  4. pepagirl Says:

    Hey Didi, you should re-check your weigh in with Sparkling. You are listed as weighing 113.5 this week… not to say that we can’t lose weight, but if you’ve already lost to 113.5 then you need to get far far away from me! 😉

  5. didibuttonsley Says:

    Holy crap! If I weighed 113.5 pounds I would look like I had just wandered out of Auschwitz!

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