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bolas, bellydancing, and bollywood September 30, 2010

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An eternity about a week has passed since I’ve been on here, but I’m back and I’m ready to babble lovingly about my day to day life.  A requirement for my communications class is that I journal about my life, midwifery school, etc., and I think at some point I’ll just give my teacher the location of this blog.  She seems like a sensible gal and can surely appreciate the struggles and glories of an overweight midwifery student.  Everything ties in together, right?

I skipped class on Tuesday, because I set my alarm clock and then forgot to turn it on.  Wow.  It is really something that a 27 year old woman can still manage to make such blunders.  I woke up at 8:30 instead of 5:00, and could have made it to my last three classes, but would have missed Anatomy and Physiology.  A&P is the mucho importante class, so I made the responsible decision to call it a wash and just stay home for the day.  It was a good choice, because I have a presentation to give on midwifery in Mexico in a few weeks, and I spent the entire day working on it.  I love love love doing power point presentations, and got my half (working with partner) of the project completely finished.  I found tons of lubberly pictures to adorn my slides with as well, and I’m so pleased with my work that I can hardly keep my arms from waving around maniacally.  And since I know you guys are just dying to know about some of the wondrous things that I have learned, I am going to share a little.

Some women in Mexico use these chime necklaces called a “bola” that I think are the bees knees.  We have all heard about playing music for our babies in the womb, but often times after the baby is born Mom is too busy to play special music each day.  The Mexican Bola utilizes the same concept.  A sort of bell chime is worn on a long necklace so that it rests on Mum’s pregnant belly.  Babies start to hear between 18-20 weeks, and can hear the soothing sounds of the bola in the womb.  After baby is born the bola is familiar and comforting and can be used to calm the baby.  It also helps relax baby for effective nursing, and is convenient because a bola can be carried around anywhere.  How cool is that?  I am personally going to send them to all the preggo chicks I know from now on.

every belly needs a nice bola

We are also going to do a segment on Robozo with a nice demonstration.  Robozo is so massively useful I believe that all obstetricians, nurse midwives, professional midwives, and doulas should know all about it.  The relief and assistant that is provided to laboring moms by something as simple as a long scarf is just incredible, and every couple and mom-to-be should know  how to do basic Robozo techniques.  Do your homework, ladies!  Labor and birth are transformational experiences (just like dieting and weight loss, haha) and don’t have to be traumatic or awful.  The information is out there and waiting for you.

Alright, I’ll cut it out with the baby/ pregnancy stuff for now.  I don’t want to overload anybody with my passionate nonsense!

On a health related note, I have decided that due to budget cutbacks I will no longer be paying my fifty dollar monthly gym fee.  If I want to have extra money to do ANYTHING I’m going to have to juggle my finances a bit better.  This is not my forte.  I am a sub par juggler though I aspire to learn within the next three years, because I feel like I could benefit from some extra deftness.  As it stands, I am the opposite of adroit.  I probably only know what the word means because I have always been an avid reader, otherwise I’d only have words like sluggish, torpid, and not-fucking-moving in my vocabulary.

But don’t you worry about this little cookie.  I’ve been wanting to dive back into my belly dancing dvds for quite a while now, and my broke-as-shit-ness is supplying me with an opportune time to do so.  I have Veena and Neena’s “Discover Bellydance” boxed set which includes three dvd’s that teach a nifty choreographed routine on each one.  I’ve done them before, and they are sensual and make me feel like a sexy beasty.  I stopped doing them because I had lots of roommates and felt odd sashaying around the living room when they were home.  (I stuck to pilates in those days, because for whatever reason I don’t feel like a goontard doing pilates in front of people)  I recommend these workouts BECAUSE THEY ARE FUN and don’t make you dread your activity time.  The set is forty bucks off of Amazon, and that isn’t a bad deal.  I also have their earlier workout dvd’s that are nice, but don’t teach a whole dance.  The Basic Moves & Fat Burning dvd has two full workouts and is eight dollars on Amazon.  Arms & Abs and Hips, Buns and Thighs is ten bucks and also has two full workouts.  What I spent on the whole set is about what I have been shelling out for the gym every month.  I am still going to miss the gym, and hopefully will be able to start going again in a few months.  But to tide me over I have plenty of exercise dvd’s that I don’t use enough.  And I just ordered Veena and Neena’s Bollywood Blast (with Indie Hop) because I think it is the only one of theirs that I don’t have, and golly, I need a complete set!

me at the moment. actually i’m thinner than this chick, but you get the idea

I have also decided that I am going to do Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred so that I can keep up on my strength training.  I’m shooting for five days a week, because I know that on the two days a week that I have to be up at 4:30-5:00 in the morning I am not going to feel like bouncing around with weights in my hands.  Sorry Jillian.  This kid ain’t slinging weights at the ass-crack of dawn.  No thank you.

If I am satisfied with my work-out goals by the end of the month I am going to check out some of Hemalaaya’s bollywood dance workouts as a reward.  I’ve done enough pilates over the years, and although I’ve got spectacular yoga dvd’s I’ve never gotten into yoga much, so I’m going to indulge in dance type workouts.  I like the fun and sensual aspect of a good dance workout, and I also like to trick my brain into thinking that I love to work out.  October is dedicated to belly dancing!  November will be dedicated to bollywood.  What ever shall December be dedicated to?

rarr. here is me by next summer.

I have a learn to salsa set squirreled away in my wishlist, but it is a little pricier than other dvd’s, so it may have to wait until next year.  I would love to learn to salsa though!  I am totally willing to take salsa classes, but in all honesty I kind of want to know the basics before I join a class.  I’m the kind of girl who likes to learn on her own.

I gotta go eat dinner and get some reading done.


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  1. jelbelle Says:

    Ho shit, belly dancing? Bollywood? Whaaaaat! This sounds fun, I want to do it, because I like having fun. I’ve got the Turbo Jam and 30-Day Shred all through October, maybe I can juggle learning how to Zumba and bellydance in November? Hell, I want to bellydance NOW. At the Renassaince Fest they had these bitchin authentic bellydancer outfits, oh they were so, so pretty. I would wear them if I had a belldancers body. I’m brewing up ideas. I think I want to bellydance with you.

  2. jelbelle Says:

    I just bought the Discovering Bellydance set on amazon for $7. I’m so doing this with you.

  3. mzmargo Says:

    I totally enjoy reading your blog.. You are sharp and witty.. thanx

  4. elliehastings Says:

    She looks like she having a great time! I say, go girl!

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