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gyming it up September 17, 2010

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Since the move (and the start of school) I’ve been suffering from brain death congestion and a case of off-track-ed-ness.  However, I finally feel as though I am getting back to a steady state of on-track-ed-ness.  I can only hope that this feeling isn’t a fleeting trick of hormones, and can claim permanency.   I suspect it is permanent because I started my cycle on the fifteenth, and I’m not feeling overwhelmed and cluttered up.  It could be too soon to say, but I am taking this as a good sign.  A sign that depicts a contented puppy eating a savory slice of chocolate peanut butter pie would be an example of a good sign.  I would also accept something advertising roadside attractions.

After much adjusting and molding myself around my new workload, I have at long last made it over to the Anytime Fitness.  It pleases me that the place is painted in prettier colors than the one that I went to back in Wisconsin.  Purple has become my favorite, and the walls there are purpled-up, and the floor has purple tiles mixed into the mosaic.  I love a lot of colors in a room, and to me there is nothing more dismal than four white walls with a white ceiling overhead.  The Earth is saturated in a multitude of hues, tones, and lovely shades, so I feel like rooms should likewise be clad.  A gym with a brightly colored theme pleases me immensely.  It is good to appreciate the little things.

It is with much woe that I am forced to report to you that there is no stair machine.  My heart has been spared the inevitable bursting that it would have experienced each day as I struggled to reach a fifteen minute climb.  Surprisingly, the stair machine was the first piece of equipment that I scanned for as I scoped out my new exercising environment.  I truly felt disappointed when I realized that I wouldn’t be doing any demi-god training that afternoon.  Part of me wants to request that the place invest in a stair machine just so I can achieve the silly goal I made last month.  I’m thinking that once I’ve made myself a regular there that I will do exactly that.

In spite of the absence of my beloved torture machine, I am in raptures about the variety of other equipment that is offered.  It appears that some of my old favorites aren’t around, but there are a lot of promising new things to explore and figure out how to use.  I get a little nervous the first time I’m in a new spot (typical mammalian behavior) so I didn’t use all the fancy shmancy stuff, but I might pop over there later today and play on all the new exercise toys.  Embarrassing truth: I have a fear of making an ass out of myself by incorrectly using a machine in front of others, so I usually wait for an opportunity to use something new when nobody is around.  I am such a goofball.  Since there were others there working out I chose to use the elliptical and one of the bikes.  I was literally DYING to try out all the cool looking and slightly intimidating equipment, but I can be a real pussy sometimes.

When I got home I waited for my muscles to cool down a little bit, and then I jumped in the pool.  I could really get used to such a routine.  I burned off five hundred calories at the gym, and I’d like to get that number up to seven hundred by next week.  What I like to do is go in and use all the circuit stuff (which I didn’t do today because I was too busy being a scaredy baby), and then hop on the elliptical, followed by a bike.  One of my mini goals is to work in the stepper as well.  I estimate spending about three hours at the gym in the wee hours of the morning at least four days a week.  Since my ass has to be out of bed at five a.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I’ve decided to just get up that early every day.  That way I have time to really go all out at the gym, and still have a whole day ahead of me.

My cousin has also expressed interest in joining a Zumba class, and I think that sounds pretty fun.  I looked into it, and a lot of the other gyms around here offer them for five bucks a class.  She wants to go twice a week, and I hesitate to add forty dollars on top of my already pricey monthly gym membership.  Guess I’ll have to suggest that Anytime add Zumba classes to their roster as well.  They’ve got a very nice room for classes, but as far as I know they don’t offer Zumba.  Hmmm.

I also decided to join the following club from Sistahpat’s blog.  Good stuff.


4 Responses to “gyming it up”

  1. jelbelle Says:

    Ha, that was a joy to read <3 You and I are BOTH afraid of making asses out of ourselves on workout machines. My fears are a little more debilitating; As soon as I walk into a gym, any gym, I feel like an ass. They need fat-people only gyms. I mean like, I want chick-specific, in my weight range gyms. The rest can bite me. I can’t convey just how miserable I get when I walk in and see Mr. Pumpin’ Iron over there bench pressing France or something. It’s a little discouraging. Then I’m thinking, “he totally thinks I’m fat”, and I have to storm out. A subtle storm, I hate when they look at my backside…

    But grats on the workout =) I need to start actually counting calories I’m burning… I’ll just tell myself I’m a beginning and trying to ease up to those big workouts. I feel like I haven’t moved my body in a century, so it’s prolly not best to charge into hardcore exercising (yet). And welcome to the clubbbb! Good luck reaching your goal ^_^

  2. didibuttonsley Says:

    I think Curves is only for women, isn’t it? I wish I could press France, or at least an important historical part of it… like, the Louvre. Next time I am there (probably tomorrow) I intend to add flair to my workout by pretending that I am lifting the Arc de Triomph. Usually I only feel weird the first time or two that I go to a new gym. After that I don’t care who thinks my ass is fat. It is fat. But it’s fat in a sexy kinda way, which makes it not so bad.

  3. pepagirl Says:

    Good going! 700 calories? Wow, you are awesome! The most that I know I ever burned in one session was at Curves, and that was 500something in a half hour on the circuit. 700- boy I got some catching up to do! Glad that you are starting to decompress the noggin area, I hate when it gets all befuddled up and you can’t even spell words like Cat or Dog and forget antidisestablishmentarialism…

  4. jelbelle Says:

    Haha oh goodness! You should work your way up, start with something small and then get up to The Great Wall of China or something fun like that.

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