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tick tock tick tock September 9, 2010

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I haven’t been able to carry on with any more of my “four day wins,” because I have been trying to adjust to a new schedule and mountains of homework. Many apologies to those that may have been following along and hoping for the next one! Tomorrow I am starting fresh, and getting back on track. I have a lot of school reading and homework that I need to get done, but I am choosing not to let school put my physical and mental health on the back burner. To get things going again I am going to redo the four day win called “The 10 Minute Vacation From Predation” which can be found in my blog titled “buckets of rain.” Simultaneously I will be doing another four day win that will require me to do 35 minutes of either pilates, yoga, or cardio at the gym. This should be pretty easy as I don’t have any classes for the next four days, and only have to work around the dump-truck load full of homework looming over on my desk.
My reward for working out for at least thirty-five minutes is a nice swim in the pool. Aren’t I bright and brainy? I managed to disguise additional exercise as a reward, and I’m so pleased with myself about it.
I haven’t weighed myself again, because I’m tired of seeing numbers that begin with a two. Scales can get to be such a ridiculous obsession as well, and I don’t want to get back into the habit of weighing myself every single day. Bollocks. I make a stydgian oath to weigh myself next Friday morning, because that might encourage me to keep eating (slightly) healthy. Friday will be my new weigh-day. And to prove I’m playing for keeps here is one of those diet tickers. Shit just got real!

I chose a snail, because sometimes my pace is lower than average; I am comparable to many varieties of coral in fact.

I would really like to be in decent physical condition when clinicals begin in January.  That gives me about nineteen weeks to get crack-a-lackin’ which is ample time to make some lasting changes even for a slowpoke like me.  Attending women in labor can be arduous, and it takes a toll on the body, so I need to be prepared.  I have a responsibility to get myself (and keep myself) in good shape so that clinicals don’t wipe me out.  You gotta be hardcore to do this sort of work, and I’m about as hardcore as a fluffy bunny.


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  1. losingit2010 Says:

    It’s funny how scales can either be negative or positive in our journeys..for me it is positive as it gives me motivation when the scaled doesn’t move, a kick in the pants when it moves up and euphoria when it drops. i weigh myself each morning. Good luck with your clinicals and great job, keep up the good work!

  2. skinnyk10 Says:

    For me the scale does more to encourage me to give up than keep going! Important to focus on the behaviors and just feeling better. And you’re right — Midwives need some serious stamina! I delivered my first with a CNM and I was in labor for 21 hours!!!!

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