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grumble grumble grumble August 26, 2010

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I feel like a slug today. In that context the word slug means “lazy lump of non-mobile goo.” I am not trying to offend any slug lovers out there as I am quite fond of slugs myself. I also realize that slugs are mobile and not made of goo. I guess I have dreadfully and inappropriately misused the word. Forgive me, oh most noble sluggies. It’s just one of those days.

I am feeling all wonky because for the last two nights in a row I have had horrible insomnia; being stuck in bed awake until eight o’clock in the morning does not promote an active day. Tonight I will throw in the towel and take a big dose of melatonin. I’m not crazy about taking that stuff, or any other stuffs for that matter, because those things kinda make me feel a little puffy around the edges the next day. I’ll take puffy around the edges over how I feel right now though. I feel crummy, grumpy, and not at all motivated to do a dang thing.

When I am grumpy I exude unpleasantness to a degree that is both lugubrious and comical. Say goodbye to the cheerful optimist and hello to the emo kid. Yikes. Maybe I should mope around in all black and write some poetry about the cruel realities of the world. After that I can whine about my parents preferably with somebody who lives in their mother’s basement. Are you sensing the despair here? It’s rough I tells ya.

Tomorrow I will be back to my cheerful self. I will go to the gym and put away the emo bitch. But today I’m going to slink around and be a jerk.

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2 Responses to “grumble grumble grumble”

  1. pepagirl Says:

    Yeah I feel like an invertabrate mollusc whenever I’m tired too… I usually just say I’m a big pile of jello though. Here’s to hoping we both get some sleep tonight. If all else fails I’ll get the bongo’s and we can have a fat woman poetry slam about jiggly thighs and cellulite cries…

  2. garnetrising Says:

    Don’t forget to snap after the poems in appreciation. The hard-core poets always snap instead of clapping. Why is that, anyway? Is it because “it’s cooool, man. So coool.” Or what?

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