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crafting my way to a new life August 16, 2010

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Perhaps it was a bad judgment call when I decided to sign up for an account on Web MD. Lisa Delaney suggested joining one of the diet groups for extra support, but I’m not sure that it is going to be a good fit for me. Sure, I want to lose this extra flub, but I’ve rather gone off the whole concept of dieting. Going on diets caused me to gain weight. I have no intention to ever count calories or exclude foods or keep a journal of what I am eating every day. Activities like that put the “die” in diet, and I’m going to run screaming from that kind of a lifestyle from now on.

So far the comments that I receive on my posts indicate that the weight and food obsessed women on Web MD don’t really get my sense of humor. But they do seem sincere and have tried to offer honest advice. I can appreciate that even if it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. I guess what I was looking for I kind of found with the Our Lady of Weight Loss site. The “Kick in the Tush” Club is just the sort of cheerful information and gentle support that I need. And it helps that she has a sense of humor.

There shall be no more fear of food. I am embracing the ravenous she beast inside of me so that I can grow up and move on.

And speaking of moving on, I still haven’t finished packing up my things. It is a good thing that I wasn’t selling the house before I moved to Florida, because I can’t imagine how long it would take me to get a whole house moved. I can’t seem to manage one carload. There is a sea of books on the floor of my room, and bags of clothing, and the closet is still half full and hasn’t been sorted out. My plan at the moment is to get up early tomorrow and finish up this long and drawn out project. I’ve been dragging my feet so much that my legs are going to be bloody stumps by the time the school semester starts.

Here it is, time for me to be heading down to Florida, and all I feel like doing is watching Harry Potter movies and making “thinspirational” art projects spurred on by Janice Taylor’s awesomeness. I admired the piggy bank that she made in her book “Our Lady of Weight Loss” so I revamped my old bear bank. Bear now looks as though he travels with a gypsy caravan, and he’s so darn cute I’ve been stuffing him with all my singles and even some fives. I decided that he will be the holder of lose bills and rest on my altar as a sort of promise to myself to achieve prosperity and abundance. He’ll soon only be accepting bills, so I needed a separate receptacle for change, and that gave me an excuse to further put off packing and keep on crafting. I used a glass milk jug, fabric, strings of beads and a whole bunch of brightly colored buttons, and I now have a change jug that looks kind of like a genie might pop out of the top.

I’ve made it through five Harry Potter movies and haven’t gotten any closer to The Sunshine State. I feel kind of like I’m in a sunshine state already though, so I guess it’s ok.

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  1. skinnyk10 Says:

    Just read all your posts and can I say “AMEN!” I have decided never to diet again – but rather to honestly address the compulsive eating and where it comes from. I’d just bet all of us in the roller coaster weight loss club learned some crappy stuff growing up and now as adults we’ve got to unlearn it. And look at you – doing it with fierce honesty and a sense of humor. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

    If you’d like to drop by my blog its at

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