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strong like bull! (four weeks done!) March 22, 2013

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I still have recipes and an enzyme cleaner blog to post.  I really meant to do that citrus cleaner by now, buuuuut I haven’t gotten over to the grocery store to get a packet of yeast.  It takes three whole fricken months to brew up without the yeast in it, and only a couple of weeks with the yeast in.  I don’t want to wait three whole months!  I should be able to get to the grocery store this weekend though, so the post is on its way.  I swears.

Tonight I worked out with my new workout buddy for the fourth time this week (usually we can only do two workouts together a week, but she is on spring break right now).  We did thirty three minutes of cardio hula dancing, followed by the ten minute total body segment from 10 Minute Trainer.  Back when I first moved to Florida I purchased the Island Girl Dance Fitness Workout, which came in two sets with a total of four workouts. Click on the links if you are interested in these sets- it’ll take you right to Amazon. Back when I bought ’em I did a couple of the workouts a few times, and that was that.  I liked ’em, but had such a tough schedule that working out was absolutely not a huge priority.  We decided to try one out tonight, and it was a success.  There are tons of great movements for toning the hips, core, legs, and ass, and it isn’t super hard to follow.  Seriously, if I can do it with a few hiccups here and there, I suspect that anybody can.  I’m not terribly coordinated (YET), so some dance workouts confuse the bejesuses out of me.  No joke.  I’ll be twirling around and trying to keep up, and it can get ugly. Figuring out footwork, and arm movements is not something my brain can command my body to do very quickly.  Imagine a walrus in sweatpants attempting to rumba.  That’s me.  Picture a lumbering beast that’s all sweaty and appears slightly bemused.  Also me.  Still, all in all it was a fun workout.  The Cardio Hula is enjoyable, but doesn’t get the heart blasting away, so it ends up being more relaxing.  We intended to have a lighter workout today since we’ve been powering through workouts with resistance bands, intense cardio, and hand weights, buuuuut it didn’t turn out that way.  We ended up doing the total body segment from Ten Minute Trainer.  Originally we were going to follow the that up with Amy Dixon’s upper body segment and yoga segment, but we got to chatting about Tony Horton and the P90x program.

Kenpo?  Is this for real?

Ya know how the other day I was rambling on about P90x, and how I wasn’t sure if I was that hardcore and blah blah blah.  Well.  Guess what I learned tonight?  I am definitely and officially hardcore, so yay to me.  I was asking her about the P90x kenpo workout, because I wanted to know what the hell kenpo was.  I kept hearing about kenpo, and picture a ken doll holding a po’ boy sandwich.  That couldn’t be right.

Since all the workouts were strewn about right there, she pulled it out and popped it in.  We decided to give it a go, and then simply stop if we needed to.  Hah!  We were having so much fun punching and kicking invisible bandits that we did the entire hour long workout.  Yup.  That’s one additional hour after we’d already been doing over half an hour of cardio.  I couldn’t believe it!  Kenpo is apparently like kickboxing, so there’s lots of punches, defensive blocks, and all kinds of kicks.  There were no po’ boys involved.  I loved it.  No, really.  I loved it a whole bunch.  In my mind I was kicking the asses of evil ninjas.  You know, slow, sorta fat, and lazy ninjas, but NINJAS damn it!  And I actually was able to make it through an entire hour without feeling like I might die!

We followed it up with a bit of yoga, which rounded out our workout to about two hours.  It was awesome!  I used to work out for long periods of time at the gym, but it has definitely been a while since I did 120 minutes of straight up working out (not including walking/ hiking/ swimming).  I was/am so proud of myself!  I’m starting to feel truly strong in my body for the first time in about six and a half years.  This is such a huge milestone for me!  It’s nice to feel increasing strength, and see that I physically look more toned.  I feel like working out for these last four weeks has made such a huge impact, and that I have turned a major corner.  It’s like I was at alongside of a canyon walking back and forth next to the edge,  and looking down into the precipice for over six years, but this month I finally went for the fucking gold and jumped right the hell over.  Probably seems corny as hell, but it’s true!!

Xrisi told me that we could maybe try to do the full P90x program this summer.  She informed me that though the kenpo was an awesome workout, some of the other routines are wayyyy more difficult.  I guess the cardio one is a monster, as is the plyometrics.  Fuck plyometrics in the ass, cause I’m not doing that shit now or ever.  Didi no likey the bouncey bouncey shit.  However, I believe that by June I’ll be able to handle the rest of the stuff.  It might be fun to go through the full ninety day program.  I have no interest in body building, running marathons, or being workout obsessed for the rest of my life… but trying it one time for the full ninety days could be a fun experience.  Towards the middle of May I’ll rethink everything, and then decide if I want to invest in the full program or not.  At the moment I will stick to my goal of burning 2, 800 calories a week.

For now we have decided to incorporate the kenpo workout into our regular weekly routines.  It’ll probably end up like this: one dance routine (bollywood/hula/bellydancing), followed by resistance/weight training segments (one or two ten minute segments), followed by the hour of kenpo, followed by ten or fifteen minutes of yoga.  That’ll be a two hour workout on Wednesdays and Fridays from now on.  (burned 1,100 calories working out today!)  I’m going to use either Sunday or Monday as my “rest” day from now on, so that I have one day a week with only light stretching, or maybe a walk, but nothing intense.

Tomorrow is the LAST day of the FOURTH week of my personal challenge.

I could not be happier with the results of my first month!!!  All in all I feel stronger, happier, and very proud of myself for what I have achieved.

Instead of struggling to get in one or two workouts a week, I’ve managed to do 18 amazing workouts in the last four weeks.  I hung in there even though I injured my back out there shoveling fucking snow.  Go me, go!  My measurements are decreasing, and I’m seeing and feeling results.

I never thought that I could feel athletic and physically strong, but I guess I didn’t know what I was capable of.

I feel so great right now!  I wanna dance around my house doing over the head claps of joy.

I’m also glad that I found a way to improve my health without turning myself into a basket case.  Putting the scale into the upstairs closet, and stopping myself from tracking calories was a huge help.  It was definitely time to end the binge/ starve cycle of dieting once and for all.  I had thought that tracking calories could be different, but unfortunately it triggered my “diet” brain, so it just didn’t work out.  I’ll continue making small improvements with my diet, and only track my workouts on mfp.

It’s nice feeling so hopeful, and feeling like I WILL definitely achieve my fitness goals in the next year or so.

I don’t know why it has taken me so long to finally strive to reach my full potential, but it’s a good feeling.


it is the fourth week now March 20, 2013

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It is now the fourth week of my person Burn 400 Calories a Day challenge.  Here is the breakdown of the first three weeks:

Week One : Six Workouts : 3,572 out of 2800 (+772)
Week Two: Four Workouts : 2290 out of 2800  (-510)  This is the week I injured my lower back terribly while shoveling snow!
Week Three: Three Workouts : 1118 out of 2800 (-1,682)  I was recovering this week, and definitely needed to take it easy!!

This is truly a challenge that will be ongoing until the summer.  Originally, I planned on working out nearly every day for four months straight just to see what kind of shape I could get into.  My long term goal is definitely to be less slug like a more active person, and to make sure that I don’t have more than one sedentary lazy day a week.  Laziness doesn’t suit me, and I need to learn to be active even when it is cold or the weather isn’t perfect.  This self challenge is definitely helping a lot.  The whole back injury was unfortunate, and unexpected, but after three sessions with my chiropractor (got another one today too) things are much better, and I’m in way better shape than I was even before the snow shoveling incident.  Hooray for that!
This week Xrisi is on spring break so we’ll be working out together every night for the rest of the week, which I’m pretty stoked about.  It’s nice hurling my fatty bits about with somebody who has just as many fatty bits.  We can giggle and complain when our bellies get in the way of doing certain exercises, and when our boobs smother us in certain yoga positions.  It’s nice to have somebody around to share those special moments with.  I wonder, has anybody ever knocked themselves out with their boobs doing yoga?  The threat is real for some of us, people, the threat is real.  Tuesday night we worked out for about an hour doing Tony Horton’s ten minute trainer (all five), and then a ten minute segment of a dance workout.  I can tell I’m already much stronger, because the first time we did the Tony Horton thing we only did two of the segments, and that was really rough.  I was all panting and sweating like a whore in church.  Don’t get me wrong, this time I was still panting and sweating, but it wasn’t as bad, and we did the whole fifty plus minutes of the thing.  That dude sure babbles a lot.  Sometimes I wanna stomp on his pecker because he isn’t doing the workout too.  Even if he were I’d probably still want to peckerstomp him sometimes anyway.  His workouts are good, but I think Amy Dixon is cooler because she does the workout all the way through, and is never even out of breath while explaining things.  Tony isn’t a demi god.  Amy is.  Plus, Amy doesn’t have some gimmicky and overpriced website that charges forty dollars for a fifty minute workout.  I totally want to get her other DVDs.  Her arms are so buff.  It is my dream to have buff arms.  I don’t care about the rest of me being muscular, but I’d like muscular arms.  Mainly because I have large arms, and I want them to be firm instead of wobbly.  My arms will never be slender, so I want ’em to be arms that people look at and think “Wow, that girl could pummel the shit out of somebody” instead of “Wow, that girl’s arms are larger and flabbier than my thighs.”
I think when I am a bit more in shape I would like to try the P90x program.  It’s a 90 day thing for people who are already accustomed to working out every day (or close to every day, I suppose).  It is pricey (140 I think), but there are 12 dvds in the collection with long workouts on them and a lot of variety, so I think it is a better value than the 10 Minute Trainer thingy.  These are just my thoughts at the moment though.  Xrisi has the P90x, so I suppose at some point we could try it out.  It may be wayyyy more hardcore than I ever want to be, ya know?  I like working out, and I love how much stronger I’ve been feeling, but I don’t think I want to commit to ninety minutes a day when I honestly think about it.  I don’t need to be able to crush a man’s skull with my inner thighs, do I?  I don’t find super muscular people attractive either.  Muscles hit a point where if they get any larger they are no longer attractive and they become cartoony.  I don’t wanna fuck a cartoon or look like one either.  😉  I wouldn’t mind if The Cubs had slightly more muscular arms or abs, but a person needs to know when enough is enough.  Seriously.  Why would people want to be all freakishly ripped?  There’s more to life than working out for several hours a day, right?  I guess working out is better than sitting on ones ass and watching television for all those hours.
I have rambled on for long enough.  I might be back later to post the enzyme cleaner project that I failed on in my last post.  This time it will be a success though.  I have a bottle with a cap, and seven soft tablespoons of brown sugar.  Win!!!


catchin’ up and queasiness March 16, 2013

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I took a few days off blogging, because I decided I was spending way too much time on the computer.  I am enforcing a new Lappy rule: No computering until I have worked out, done the daily metaphysics routine, completed all chores/tasks for the day, and am fully clothed.  Notice how the last on the list is underlined.  That line is there for a reason.  I’ll slip into my workout clothes, make a cup of tea, plop down on the couch, and lie to myself sweetly Well, I’ll just check facebook and the good ole blog, and be right off of here in ten or fifteen. What a load of horse shit.  I am NEVER off in ten or fifteen, and I absolutely know that, but I catch myself following that routine over and over and over and I’ll just keep fibbing to myself and then goofing off on the lappy until mid afternoon and it goes on and on just like a run on sentence with poor punctuation and it’s like the person keeps carrying on and wasting time without any regard to the time of day and pretty soon I’m sitting there still in my workout clothes and it’s freaking two o’clock and I’m jacking around on pinterest and etsy and whatever else and reading product reviews on god knows what and it just keeps on going… Whew.  It would be fine if I actually just checked facebook, and gave the blog a quick once over, but I can’t seem to do that.  Ever.  I start reading, and commenting, and then think of things I want to look up, and so on, and so forth.  Pinterest is the most beautiful thing to ever happen to the internet, and I love it, but lordy (!) what a time suck.  There’s no way I can justify five hours spent online each day, so I’m cutting that down dramatically, and pushing it to the afternoon.  I have vowed to do this in the past, but seem to have trouble sticking to it.  Maybe I’ll pick one day a week to zombie out with the lappy, and screw around on pinterest for insane lengths of time.  Oh, pinterest, it’s so wrong to play with you for hours a day, but it feels so right…

But since I didn’t post for a few days, I now have catch up to do.  Naturally, I am putting it off until later.  If a thing’s worth doing it’s worth doing in a lackadaisical manner.  I have two crockpot recipes, one non crock recipe, a tutorial on making toothpaste, a neat little craft project that I came up with for help with meal planning, and a post on home made shampoo and conditioner to post.  Shit piles up with a quickness!  I was feeling crafty for the last few days, and now my phone is full of DIY photos for posts that I’ve not gotten around to.  Sigh.  I’ll probably post them all tomorrow afternoon when I have literally gotten all productive daily activities out of the way.

Today I decided to do Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones for the second time.  I fucking hate the five minute warm up.  Allow me to punctuate, I fucking HATE the five minute warm up!!!!!  It’s all these jump roping moves and jumping jacks, and repeated vertical jumps are known to make me queasy, dizzy, and generally unhappy.  I don’t know why, but they do.  I have never ever gotten sick from a workout before, and I’ve done plenty of tough cardio over the years, but today my perfect record was tainted.  Shortly after the warm up (like, within a couple of minutes) I felt plain terrible, and had to have Cubby pause it for me, so I could go hack up some junk in the bathroom.  Yuck.  It was only fluids, but still.  Gross.  I literally could feel all the color drain from my face as my stomach curled into a ball of wobbly nausea.  I sat breathing deeply for a little bit, and then went on to do the first two circuits (I believe the circuits are six or seven minutes each), but was forced to stop after the chest/ab circuit was done.  I’m not into puking, and feel no need to keep pushing through until I vomit on myself.  Bleck.  Puking doesn’t make a person tough.

I’ve decided that from now on I will skip her five minute warm up, and just do my own warming up sans ridiculous jumping up and down until I feel the need to hork up my innards.  The rest of the workout is just fine, but that first five minutes has got to go!!!

Late afternoon I did a couple of ten minute segments with Amy Dixon, because I was still kinda pissed at Jillian for helping my lactic acids make me feel like death for the first portion of my day.  I also did twenty four minutes of yoga as an intense cool down.

This was the third week of my personal challenge, and it has been the least intensive week so far.  I got in three workouts, so ended up pretty short of the 2800 calorie weekly goal.  I was extremely drained, my back was still pretty sore until almost the end of the week, and I knew I needed to take it easier though, so I am cool with it.  I personally am content that now a three workout week seems like a lazier week to me.  That definitely indicates a lot of progress!  Not long ago, three workouts would have been an “on point” week for me.  I like it that my goal is to workout a little each day, and be consistent.  I just keep thinking An extra four hundred calories a day burned will take off forty pounds in a year’s time. I’ve got a simple thing to work towards, which is good cause I’m a simple minded gal.  Keep it simple for a slow witted creature such as myself, that’s my motto.

I am no longer counting calories, but have gone back to writing things down in a notebook.  Counting always ends up making me go loco, so I write things down without the calorie information.  That brings awareness and helps, and I never end up dreading it.  Figuring out each and every recipe is time consuming for a person who doesn’t eat the same thing for dinner over and over, and I don’t want to make that kind of time commitment.  Breakfasts and lunches I eat the same sorts of things, but come dinner time I’m sitting on myfitnesspal trying to calculate my damn dinner, and it gets old.  I don’t knock it, because I know it helps other people a lot, but it simply doesn’t work for me.  Ug.  Trying to find out what DOES work for me is like trying to find a relatively tiny item in a comparatively large pile of less tiny items.  One day, I will get it all sorted out.  One day.

Hope everybody is having a great weekend!  I’m off to catch up with blog reading.


wtf is a bangle sax vido March 12, 2013

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Jayyyyysus, I have been posting, like, every single day.  I don’t think I’ve ever posted so much in such a short amount of time before.  I’m going to melt my eyes into puddles of glop tapping away at these keys and staring at Lappy’s screen like this.  I blame the gimpy back escapade of 2013.  It all started one blustery evening not so long ago… Old news, rabbit pants, get your gimpy ass off the couch already!  But seriously, folks, combine my gimptardness with the combined recent period issues and debilitating insomnia, and I’ve kinda been too jacked up to do much.  I got my workout in yesterday, and will definitely do another today, but I don’t seem to have energy for much else.  Today I wanted to knock out a bunch of errands including grocery store-ing, library-ing, and recipe posting, but my brain is all zombied out.  Last night was sleepless.  Double triple sigh.  Now I must fight like the Comanche wildcat that I am to stay awake all day.  I feel like my Comanche wildcatness would be better used on other things, and not just, you know, trying to keep my damn eyelids up.  Eyelids, don’t make me tomahawk you.  DON’T MAKE ME DO IT!

On another note, I was perusing my blog stats, as I am tired, and somewhat bored since The Cubs has my car for work since his truck is in the shop (stuck stuck stuck here) and found something entertaining that I must share.  Being without a car for the day has served its purpose!  Under “Search Keywords” the only entry is this : bangle sax vido dog for goles move


Somebody out there in the big wide world actually googled

bangle sax vido dog for goles move

And for reasons that I cannot even begin to fathom, it led that somebody out there in the big wide world to this blog.

Oh, wait, I see now.  It must be because I wrote a post titled Bangle Sax Vido Dog For Goals Move.  Geez, I forgot all about that post that was all about that… errr… topic.  Honestly, though, what the hell does any of that gobbledeegook mean?  None of those words a real thing make.  Please try again, user, please try again.

I really was going to refrain from posting today, but I felt like this was something that needed to be shared with the world.  Here you go world.  I do it because I care.

And with that, I am off to try to catch an hour or two of sleep before my chiro appointment so that I have the energy to run errands afterwards.


400 calories make even more sense now! I must be some kind of secret genius. March 11, 2013

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It rained like piss from the heaven’s here alllllllll weekend, thus effectively pooing all over our plans for snowshoeing.  Oh, weather, why have you shat upon my dreams of enjoying a winter sport?  Why?  Today the temperature dropped again, and a light snow fell onto the slushy remains of the recent snowfall that led to me snapping my lower spine in twain injuring myself while shoveling.  It is supposed to snow some tomorrow too, so maybe something will collect and we may still be able to strap snowshoes to our feet…

Even if there’s no more chances for clomping about in a wintery tundra, me and my jiggles and winter pale skin are in desperate need of outdoor time.  I get so dark in the summer, and then winter rolls around and I fade until I’m the color of a fish belly.  Fish belly does not favor me.  The bloated fish belly look is even sadder.  It’s like, The Notebook, sad, guys.  I plan on getting in some birding (my first of the year!) this week as an excuse to stretch these stems of mine, and allow my winter skin to get some sunshine.  I prefer to be a tanned flubster over a pale one.

Speaking of bloated fish bellies (I know, how did I turn that into a segway?), this morning I was hella relieved because I finally got my period.  She decided to be a doll and be about five days late (totally abnormal for me) and the whole experience left me pleading for mercy.  I’ve been bloated up in a water ballon esque fashion for all that time, and then today the dam broke.  Thank you, sweet merciful god of ovaries and womb.  Brutus the Uterus cramped up a lot today, but I couldn’t even stay mad simply because I was so overjoyed that in another day or so my tummy bits will no longer be puffed up like a fucking blowfish.  It’s the little things in life, gang, that make me sing on the inside.  The ballad of the day is “Hallelujah, soon I won’t be puffed up like a fucking blowfish.”  Sing it loud and sing it proud.

Today I was reading something or other on some site or other (yup, my memory is like a friggin’ elephant’s.  no, wait.  I ended up with a goldfish’s memory and an elephant’s ass!) that said “If you burn 100 extra calories a day you will lose ten pounds in one year.  200 will burn 20 pounds off, and so on…”  I’m not always a skeptic, but I punched the numbers in and did the math, and BY JOVE THEY’RE RIGHT!  Making no dietary changes, but simply adding the extra burn off WILL result in a ten pound loss at the end of a year.  (provided that I don’t snack up the difference)  My recent goal of 400 calories a day was decided upon sort of randomly.  I thought 400 seemed a reasonable, and yet not too difficult, number to reach.  But now that I’ve read (on some already forgotten site) about the forty pounds of loss that will accumulate if I just keep it up for a year, I am all kinds of pumped and shit.  I mean, I was already pumped and happily working out most days, but this information takes it to a new level.  40 pounds is what I need to lose to get to my original goal.  Easy peesy, right?  Plus, I am making dietary changes as well, so this is definitely something that can be done in a year’s time.  Sweet sweet sweet!  My newly acquired tidbit of knowledge will keep my nose to the grindstone.

And speaking of noses and grindstones (another segway, I’m on a roll!1 butter me up and slide me out of here!) I am about to do Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones for the first time.  I couldn’t motivate myself to do it earlier today because of cramps combined with overwhelming tiredness, but now I can definitely manage.  I’ll come back and post some sweaty pics in about fifty minutes. 😉

Alright.  I’m back.  The warm up and allllll the circuit segments are fifty minutes long, and then there is a five minute cool down at the end.  Verdict?

I really wasn’t into the five minute workout.  Why, you ask?  Well, there are two exercises that I can’t stand, and hate with every wobbly bit of myself, and they are push ups and jumping jacks.  I also don’t care for things involving vertical jumps repeatedly.  Gimme anything else, and I’ll do it with a shit eating grin, but please no jumping jacks or push ups.  Spare me.  Mercy!  Anyolddamnhow, the warm up had a bunch of stupid jumping jacks and jumps in it.  Bleck.  But as it was only five minutes long I choked back all my bitching, pissing, and moaning (cause seriously, pissing and workouts don’t mix), sucked it up, and did all the damn bouncing up and down and jumping jacks.

As for the rest of the workout, well, I liked it way better than that damn 30 Day Shred.  That thing bored the hell out of me, and I’m not sure why.  This workout is much better.  Though the whole dvd is nearly an hour long it really shoots by quickly.  I sweat buckets, got through most of the exercises with a few modifications, and felt really good afterwards.  Success!

…and now I must go watch some Game of Thrones season two


UPDATED week two of 400 Burn a Day Challenge

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I wrote a sad sack post earlier today, but came back and deleted it just now.  Geez, I don’t like it when I get down.  I seriously have two moods: happy, and it’s-the-end-of-the-world.  There doesn’t seem to be much grey area in there.  But, for realsies, when I am down it’s like sad clown tragic.  I mope around until I have the strong urge to kick my own ass.

Well, I expressed disappointment earlier about my back injury due to shoveling heavy snow, and that still stands.  (Go to hell, ergonomic shovel, you go right to hell)  My first appointment cost 125 as I needed to do the initial exam again (haven’t been there since 2008), and that ate up two things: the money we had intended to use for our snowshoeing, and the day that we had intended to go snowshoeing.   The weather is supposed to be 43 and rainy tomorrow, but we’ll see.  I was so excited to try something new!  Honestly, if it isn’t wet and melty out tomorrow maybe we can go.  It doesn’t cost that much.  Hopefully the snow will hold up and not melt!  Monday it should be in the thirties again with chance of snow.  Officially crossing fingers.

Today was pretty dreary, but I pulled myself together and decided to try the new Amy Dixon Give Me Ten workout that I recently purchased from Amazon.  Holy shitballs!  Some of that stuff is tough, and I had to skip certain things to keep myself from dying protect my still sore back, and other things, hell, even in perfect condition I can’t do them right now!  The side planking is beyond my abilities, but gives me something to work up to.  The Cubs did it with me, and the two of us were all sweaty.  We did the cardio segment (both of us laughing because we felt all uncoordinated trying to keep up with the changes in moves), the upper body segment (loved), the lower body segment (oh, squats and lunges… I slowly get better at you tricky bastards), and then the core workout.  I could only do half of the core workout.  It started off standing, and then moved into floor work, and I wasn’t feeling the floor work because I didn’t want to strain my back.

So glad that I chose to get in a work out today, because I felt immediately revived afterwards.  It snapped me out of my temporary emo state.  A shower afterwards, and then throwing in a load of laundry kind of sealed the deal.

Anywhoozles.  I need to remember to take it slow and not expect everything to be perfect.  Sometimes I am going to feel tired and run down.  Sometimes I’ll feel alone and unsupported.  But I’ll keep going because I am worth it, and I am moving through my problems and getting better and stronger.

So, my first week of my self challenge started on a Tuesday, buuuuuut from this point on I am shifting my weeks to match the calendar.  Sunday will now be my start of the week, and Saturday the end.  So even though week two technically has a couple more days, I am ending it today!  This week was rough and I wanna mentally end it.  Done and done.

Here’s the weekly scoop

Sunday : calories burned : 778

Monday : calories burned : 511

Tuesday : calories burned : 651  (tuesday night is when I injured my lower back)

Wednesday : calories burned : 0  (obviously I burned calories, but none from workouts/walks/etc)

Thursday : calories burned : 0

Friday : calories burned : 0

Saturday : calories burned : 350 (so far, I may do a little yoga later- we’ll see)

Pretty good week, all in all.  I fell 510 calories short from my weekly goal, but I was gimped up badly so whatcha gonna do, right?

UPDATE at close to two in the morning.  Sigh:

Jesus H. Kee-riste on a raft in Tibet!  I am about done with this bloody insomnia spell that I’ve been having.  There is only so much blogging and facebooking and pinteresting that one woman can do on a sleepless night at nearly two in the morning.  SAVE ME JEEBUS!  I was up in bed next to Cubby, and tried to get to sleep, failed, read a while, tried to get to sleep, failed, tossed around, thought about pushing my fella out of bed because he can fall asleep whenever the shit he wants to in, like, a minute.  Even when he quote “isn’t tired.”  When he says he “isn’t tired” it will take him about five minutes to fall into a dead sleep instead of his usual minute or two.  That fuckin’ guy.  Let me tell you though, when you are madly tired and can’t fall asleep sometimes it’s tough to be next to a person who has never suffered a sleepless night.  Like, ever ever in their whole life.  He’s so cute, and I love him so, but I envy his amazing ability to conk out while I toss around and curse the heavens.

Last night I woke up after about three and a half hours and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I finally gave up and got up.  But I left my sleep cycle alarm clock on.  Since I was no longer in bed it started tracking him, and guess what?  It was the best night of sleep tracked for “me” to date.  I showed him.  That son of a somethin’ had 100% sleep quality.  I showed him a bunch of mine: 37%, 63%, 75%, and once I even got up in the eighties!!!  Once.  He hits a perfect score on the first try.  I am so jealous right now.  How can I love the man so much, and yet still be tempted to slide him off of the warm bed and onto the floor?  Thunk.  Mwahahahahahah, sucker!!!!

I’m like, so dang bored that I was even thinking of doing another workout.

I need a whole flock of sheep to count.  Ha! That never works.  I’m gonna count naked men instead.  At least that will be entertaining.  And I can picture their junk wobbling all over as they jump over the fence…


back from the chiropractor’s and…

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I am feeling much better, but won’t be able to get in any cardio again today.  I am a little bummed that this back issue has caused me to miss three days of serious workouts.  All I’ve been able to do is light stretching and a little walking.  I was going to attempt to do some upper body work yesterday, and then I thought better of it.  Honestly, it was a good judgment call.  Pretty sure I would have wound up on the floor crying!

I am going to get a good night’s sleep, and hopefully by tomorrow I will be back in the game.  I better be because the two new DVDs that I bought off of Amazon are here, and dang it, I wanna do them so bad!!   Since Tony Horton’s ten minute spiel is wayyyy too expensive for a DVD I bought Amy Dixon’s Give Me 10 workout.  Let me just say that I am pretty sure Amy Dixon is a fricken demi god.  Have you guys seen that woman in action?  Holy horse and hound, Batman, that chiseled vixen does the whole workout along with everybody else, and talks you through everything in a normal and clear speaking voice.  You tube it.  Do it now.  Watch a little preview of that ass kicking miss, and I dare you not to be impressed.

If I give you ten will you sew my limbs back together when it’s all over?

Things I like: She isn’t standing behind everybody as they work out yacking away, (ahem, ahem, Tony Horton), and she doesn’t stop to explain things (Jillian Michaels is sooo guilty of that- you know she’s stopping so that she can keep talking without gasping)- nope, that machine just keeps running.  So when you are sweaty and getting pushed to the max you don’t start to get riled because the trainer is standing there telling you to keep going while they’ve got their thumb up their ass doing nothing.  Grrr.  Another thing I like is that there is just something about her that makes me feel like I can get to that point, and keep going.  Ya know?  Not like have to be a crazy gym rat psycho about it, but just workout everyday, get my heart up, build strength, and slowly turn into this strong lady.  I also like how muscular her arms and legs look- there’s something kinda cool and scrappy about her.  I watched most of the ten minute segments (there are six) and am raring to try them myself.  Hand weights are used throughout, which is another reason why I bought it.  I need more arm work!  If I can’t have willowy slender arms (my arms were and always shall be large) I wanna have super muscley ones at least.  That way I can at least kiss them and call them guns.  Right now it’s two tickets to the arm flab show.  Look at that sexy jiggle!  Anywhoozles, I think I may have a new trainer to set up on a pedestal next to Jane Fonda, and her name is Amy Dixon.  We needed some new routines to shake things up, and this lady is going to deliver. I’m glad she’s got a lot more options available for down the road too.  Maybe we can’t afford gym memberships right now, but we can certainly do a lot with what we have.

I also bought Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones as well.  It’s cheap (can’t beat the price on some of her dvds), circuit style, uses hand weights, and is fifty minutes long, which is everything that I was looking for.  I wanted to give Jillian another chance since I disliked the 30 Day Shred so much, so that’s one of the reasons that I chose it.  Not sure why, but that 30 Day Shred workout simply bored the bejesuses out of me.  Not saying it wasn’t a good workout, but something about it made my brain go into a snooze.  I won’t stick with something I don’t care for, so I ended up giving it to my cousin.  Buuuutttt if I added seven or eight dollars to my cart on Amazon I qualified for free shipping, so Jillian was on board!!!  I watched through parts of it, and it seems alright.  The two have different moves for variety, and I’m happy about that.  Obviously, I want to be doing different things from day to day or I’ll get sick to death of daily workouts.  Can’t have that, now can we?

I’m satisfied to be adding more resistance training to my workouts, and am thrilled to have a couple new ass kicking routines.  Now if only Back will cooperate and get back into the action.  I feel like what I need now is some deep solid sleep, and I’ll be waking up fresh and ready to go.  Most of the pain is gone, but everything feel, well, so weird.  It’s like my muscles are stretching in a different way than they normally do.  It’s just plain odd.

I asked if there were any exercises that would be beneficial to keeping things in place, so to speak, and he just said stretches for the lower back would be good, and core workouts.  I do plenty of core stuff with the pilates, so that’s not a problem.  My abs are surprisingly strong under those layers!  It’s good to finally be taking care of my body and moving forward.

I hope by tomorrow I’ve bounced back.  I’ve spent so much time on lappy the last few days that my eyes are going to melt.


drizzly day drizzly mood March 9, 2013

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Sore and sleepy today, and have been napping off and on.  I feel one hundred percent drained.  The snow is melting and it’s supposed to be rainy and in the forties for the next few days.  Herrrrumphfff.  The lower back/ shoveling incident killed our snowshoeing plans, and we may not get to go this winter after all, unless the temperature drops before the snow is all melted.  Noooooo!  I was so looking forward to trying something new.  Now I must find a new new thing to try.

It’s been an odd day for me.  I’m super emotional and keep bursting into tears.  I feel very unsupported- like I’m just drifting and in between things.  Ug, so sick of that feeling.  Sick of all these ups and downs, and sick of my own personal dramas.  I try to keep this blog upbeat, but damn.  Guess I’m not feeling it today.  I don’t know what to do with this blog anymore, actually.  I thought I could make changes, and that maybe I’d feel differently with blogging and find the kind of support and enthusiasm that I used to have in my earlier blogging days, but I’m not sure how well that is working out.

I think I’ll choose to blame the weather.  All that grey all over the place out there- let’s pin it on that.  Where’s all the green- I need some springtime. March 6, 2013

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Ever have a day that ends in you hobbling in the middle of a snowy street, holding your hands up to the heavens in a fuck-my-life kinda way, while plaintively asking Why, God, why?  Cue loud orchestral music and crash zoom to the half bemused half please-kill-me look plastered across the face of a gimped up girl leaning on her boyfriend for support in the middle of a snowy road, because she destroyed her lower back shoveling snow, and then thought it would be a swell idea to walk it out.  So, that happened last night.  I really enjoy shoveling snow, and it was snowing a-plenty last night, so I get the bright idea that I could use snow shoveling as one of my exercises for the day.  I’ve not shoveled at all this winter, because I’ve been having lower back issues, but yesterday when I woke up I drank a fresh can of let’sdosumthindumb which led me to throw caution to the wind.  I wanted to be outside and get some fresh air.  End result: fresh air was done got, and my back broke up with me.  She decided she wanted to start seeing other people.  After forty minutes of shoveling with one of our two fancy dancy ergonomic shovels, my back told me to go to hell and hopped on the last train out of here.  I flopped forward onto the snow covered front of Eli, my blue Honda Civic Si.  There I twitched for some minutes until The Cubs noticed that I was practically doing a face plant into the pile of snow covering my beloved car.  I thought if I took it easy with the shoveling I’d be just fine.  I thought the ergonomicness of the magic shovels would protect me.

you lied to me, asshole.  you lied.

Nope.  Ouch ouch ouch.  Now I am no stranger to lower back pain, but geez.  I was all gimped up and listing to my right side all crazy like.  Generally, my back is sore in the morning, and walking and yoga will loosen it up and get it back to normal.  Last night I thought that if we took a walk I could wiggle out the shooting pains.  We wandered the snowy streets, me using The Cubs as a make shift quad cane (I grumbled that we didn’t have one in the garage cause we aren’t eighty), and stopping every so often because of the pain and discomfort.  It was so beautiful last night with all the snow, and I was happy that my fella was willing to take a snowy night time walk with his temporarily crippled girlfriend.  After fifty minutes I decided to call it quits.  We got home and I did spine twists and stretches.  I took ibu profens and chased ’em down with Nyquil for good measure because that’s all that was in the house.  (I rarely have medicines around here)

Today I bit the bullet and decided to call my chiro who I’ve not seen in many years.  He fixed me up so well that my lower back was actually great for a number of years, but I have known for the last couple of years that I really needed an adjustment.  Who knows why I have put it off for so long.  I am hoping that they can get me in over there on Friday, because otherwise I’ll have to wait until Monday.  Bleck.

The pain brought up interesting (and sad) memories.  It’s funny all the crazy shit that I push down and repress, and don’t allow to surface until I am twisted up in knots and curled in the fetal position on my hardwood floor.  Wait.  Did I type the word funny back there?  Hmmm.  On the plus side, the forty minutes of shoveling and fifty minutes of hobble/walking were definitely enough to burn off my four hundred calories for the day.  Add to that about twenty minutes of yoga stretches as I attempted to position my spin back into its rightful and god given place, and I got in some decent activity yesterday.  Snow hobbling is the new winter sport that I have created.  Shit, it beats curling hands down.  Curling has got to be the silliest thing Canadians ever came up with apart from Bryan Adams.

Today I had to call off the hardcore cadio session with Xrisi, because I don’t want to put myself in the hospital.  I will not be drinking any additional cans of letsdosumthindumb this week.  The quota has been filled.  Not only am I still a bit uncomfortable (it’s nowhere near so bad as yesterday though- thank you, goddes!), but I am super emotional.  Ha ha ha, another fun thing on the plate is that I am pmsing like crazy, but my goofy period hasn’t bothered starting yet.  I’ve been getting cramps, and have a severe case of the crazies.  I’ve never got cramps before starting my cycle before, so I don’t know what the hell is going on with my ovaries and uterus.  Brutus the uterus, please give me some peace and get going already.  Maybe it is all the daily cardio and workouts?  All I know is that I may start bawling at any second, and that I think I need some chocolate chip cookies.

In spite of all of this, today I am going to do a little light yoga for my back (it helps, it really does), and then do a bit of upper body stuff with the hand weights.  No bending over or any of that, but I can still work my arms a bit.  I don’t want to succumb to the temptation of doing absolutely nothing.  I want to move forward even if my movement is only one single baby step.


Week Two Day One- getting ready for snowshoeing March 5, 2013

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It is snowing like crazy outside!  I, for one, am thrilled, because the weather for the rest of the week is supposedly going to be in the mid thirties and sunny.  Why am I so happy that buckets of snow are spewing from the sky?  Inspired by this awesome post from the blog thinfluenced (one of the new blogs I am reading), I decided to check to see if anywhere around here rents snowshoes.  Success!  The closest state park (Richard Bong) rents out snowshoes, so that gives me a good excuse to purchase my state park sticker early this year.  In the summer we do a lot of birding at good ole Bong (tee hee hee, gotta giggle at the name), but I NEVER knew they rented out snowshoes.  Remember how I’ve been pissing and moaning because I am going stir crazy from being stuck indoors way too much?  Well, this is the perfect opportunity to not only try something totally new, but to get us out into the great outdoors.  There is no such thing as too cold, there is only under dressed.  🙂  I’ve never gotten into any winter sports, and have always wanted to dabble, so I am super excited about trying snowshoeing.  It was too late to call today to ask about rental prices, so I’ll give a ring tomorrow morning.

Not sure which day/days we will go, but I am thinking maybe tomorrow afternoon or Friday.  Honestly, once I have a sticker I wouldn’t mind getting out a couple of times a week as long as there is all this snow on the ground.  It’ll help me burn off my 400 calories a day, and I won’t feel as crazy being stuck in the house.

I literally can’t wait to strap snowshoes on these feet and then waddle my tubby butt around in all of this winter wonderland shit.  This is a great way to start the second week of my personal workout challenge.  Woo woo!

And now I have to go dig my car out of a mound of snow and help The Cubs shovel and plow the driveway.  Good times.


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