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16 Mar, 2012

Day 73 – Quickie

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I have to work in just a little bit… but I wanted to get on here and post a picture. Actually two, but one you’ve already seen. I’m a big fan of pictures that SPAN the weightless journey, rather than one before and one after kinda thing. Those are very inspiring too. But I wanna […]

12 Feb, 2012

Day 40 – I’m A Big Baby Today…

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I feel like I never have super exciting, uplifting news anymore! I am getting sick and I’m being a big, whiny baby about it. I think it’s just a cold… Or maybe my sinuses acting up. But I’ve got horrible post nasal drip and my throat is killing me and my body is all achy […]

20 Jan, 2012

Day 17 – And Without Further Ado…

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Hello everyone! As promised, I will be attaching all sorts of photos to this post (some awesome, some NOT). I have to control myself a little bit though. Going back through all my pictures, I ended up with like 16 I wanted to post. Which is just crazy. But I’ll post enough to let you […]

14 Jan, 2012

Day 11 – So this is weird…

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So this is a kind of strange phenomenon I’ve been experiencing recently. Even when I eat very successfully through out the day, I still sometimes feel like I’ve messed up or failed in some way… Today in particular. I had a terrible breakfast because I was running very, very late to work this morning. So, […]