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29 Feb, 2012

Day 57 – Stresssssss

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I might’ve fallen back into old habits today… I have only eaten about 900 calories today and it’s 9:22PM. This is mostly due to all the crap I’ve had to do today. I ate 3 meals and 1 snack. So I’ll eat another snack before bed and probably call it a night. Today was my […]

28 Feb, 2012

Day 56 – Experiment Successful!

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So… who would have thought that eating MORE can actually leading to weight loss when eating less was failing? Yeah… I gave it away, didn’t I? Haha Suuuurprise! As many of you may know by now, and probably many, many more of you don’t… Today is weeeeiiigggghhh daaaayy. And the second official rrreeeppooorrtt weeeeekllyy caaaallorriess […]

26 Feb, 2012

Day 54 – I Feel Like I’ve Been Gone Forever!

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Now… Please, no one believe that because I have been a little absent that I’ve been slacking. In my last post I said I wanted to start eating a little more each day… because I thought I was possibly dipping into the “not enough calorie” range. Well, I’m not going to go into my calorie […]

22 Feb, 2012

Day 50 – Asthma Sucks…

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I’ve made a decision… I’ve decided I’m not eating enough and my body is telling me so by completely refusing to lose weight. As a result… I’m going to start eating an absolute minimum of 1,350 calories a day… never to exceed 1600. I feel like this is a very good adjustment to my calorie […]

Let’s cut to the chase. Today is weeeeiiiggghhh daaaay. Except I really had to force myself to even type it like that because I’m just not excited. Today hasn’t been a particularly good or bad day, really. Just kinda, meh. So… the results. Last Week: 200.2 This Week: 200.2 Absolutely NO change. None. While I […]

18 Feb, 2012

Day 46 – I’m Becoming Too OCD

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So I am a crazy, calorie counting fiend. I’ve said this a few times I think. Today just really proves it though. I use an app on my iPhone called Lose It! It’s an awesome app because I can scan the barcode of something and it instantly has all the nutritional information and all I […]

15 Feb, 2012

Day 43 – I Survived Valentine’s Day 2012!

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Hello lovlies! Today was definitely not a normal day for me… I woke up just blah. I know it was from all the badness I ate yesterday. I was so stuffed when I went to bed and I woke up kinda nauseated and still full. Since I’ve adjusted my daily intake and gotten into the […]

14 Feb, 2012

Day 42 – I Am A Rockstar Today

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No, seriously. I’m a freakin’ rockstar. So. Where do I even begin? Let’s start from the beginning of my day! NO! We have to start with yesterday after work. I came home to find my new MacBook Pro was delivered a day early! I am so in love with it right now. It’s name is […]

12 Feb, 2012

Day 40 – I’m A Big Baby Today…

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I feel like I never have super exciting, uplifting news anymore! I am getting sick and I’m being a big, whiny baby about it. I think it’s just a cold… Or maybe my sinuses acting up. But I’ve got horrible post nasal drip and my throat is killing me and my body is all achy […]

09 Feb, 2012

Day 37 – It’s My Biiiirthday!

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It’s true. Today’s my birthday. Turned 23. Honestly, I always loved birthdays… but since my 21st, they all seem a little less exciting as time goes on. Looking forward to 25 when I get to see that big insurance price drop, though! haha No celebrations are planned for this evening. I work at 8am tomorrow. […]