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31 Jan, 2012

Day 28 – Good News and Bad News

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So… Which one should I discuss first? Since they are (I think) very closely related, I’ll start with the bad news so I can end with the good news. Or good-ish news, depending on how you wanna view it. But this can’t be a long post because I have a stupid debriefing statement to write. […]

Heeelllloooo everyone! I have had a really great day off. I usually work on Mondays… but as a result of some “end of the fiscal year cutbacks” they gave me a few less hours than normal and that resulted in an extra day off! I am NOT complaining! I slept till 10, got a TON of […]

29 Jan, 2012

Day 26 – I Haven’t Died!

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I hate when I go so long without being on here, checking up on my blog, reading other people’s blogs, checking the forums, getting inspired, being inspirational (not really – but I’m working on that one). I just get so busy on the weekends. And if I can fit in work, school, social life, healthy […]

26 Jan, 2012

Day 23 – Things That Are Annoying Me…

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Hellooo everybody! So, I have been getting more and more spam as time goes on. At first, I didn’t mind it so much. I just deleted them and went about my business. Now it’s staring to bother me. So, I’ve changed my settings to require commenters to be registered and logged in before they can […]

So I forgot my iPhone on the kitchen bar this morning. It’s a sad thing, but I feel like I left my head on the bar. Or maybe my left foot. I feel like I’m missing some huge part of my body. Oh well! I will get through… Only 6 more hours till we are […]

Hello everyone! I haven’t updated for a couple days. I didn’t stop for any reason in particular… Just nothing special to really note. I worked all week. I stayed at or below my calories for all 3 days and 2 of the 3 days I did some kind of exercise. Not a ton of exercise, […]

20 Jan, 2012

Day 17 – And Without Further Ado…

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Hello everyone! As promised, I will be attaching all sorts of photos to this post (some awesome, some NOT). I have to control myself a little bit though. Going back through all my pictures, I ended up with like 16 I wanted to post. Which is just crazy. But I’ll post enough to let you […]

18 Jan, 2012

Day 15 – I’m all sweaty!

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I finally did it. I decided to toss in a little exercise to my day-to-day. I was really worried I would try to do too much at once, which is why I was waiting to add in exercise. I know it SOUNDS like an excuse, but I really don’t think it is. I just didn’t […]

Okay… All I can say right now is since around 7:30 when I got up and weighed myself, I could not WAIT to get on here and tell everyone the awesome news. But, a fun story first! So last night I talked bf into going grocery shopping with me. And while we were walking around […]

15 Jan, 2012

Day 12 – I’m having a carb attack!

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I seriously want a giant bowl of fettuccine alfredo soooo bad right now. Like, I’m starting to wonder if the urge will ever go away. On a normal day, I would swing by Fazoli’s on the way home from work and satisfy my craving. But today, I drove right past and straight home. And now I have […]