The Diary of a Diet Addict

16 Mar, 2012

Day 73 – Quickie

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I have to work in just a little bit… but I wanted to get on here and post a picture. Actually two, but one you’ve already seen. I’m a big fan of pictures that SPAN the weightless journey, rather than one before and one after kinda thing. Those are very inspiring too. But I wanna see what it was like in between the beginning and the end. So… here’s a “during” photo. It’s from yesterday. I thought since I was wearing the same shirt yesterday as I was in a before picture, it’d be good to show the differences. Anyway, it’s only after like 30ish pounds… So it isn’t a mind-blowing difference. But I can see little differences!

November/December 2011 – Between 220-225 pounds

Yesterday – Around 194 pounds!

Like I said, not mind-blowing… but I like during pictures. And I can’t wait until there IS a huge, crazy difference.

Hope everyone is staying on track and being good to themselves!!

Here’s to hard work and determination,


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