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15 Mar, 2012

Day 72 – I’m More Than A Little Annoyed

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I’m almost to the point of boycotting this website until they get something fixed. It’s driving me insane having to practically hack into my account to sign in, then be unable to comment once I get here. For a while, it was letting me comment if I was running IE… but now every time I get a, “This site has a programming error” screen. Annoying. More than annoying. Get this crap fixed! I accept this is a free service and I should keep my expectations relatively low. However, I see ads all over the place. If the people who maintain this blog are making money off the advertisements, I’d say they need to be fixing this broken crap.

On to other things…

Yesterday I played a fun game called… “It’s Warm Outside, Let’s See What Spring Clothes Fit Now.” It was lots of fun. And I definitely won. I pulled out all my shorts and a couple summery skirt things. I even dug out the stuff at the very bottom of my drawer that had been retired for being too snug/not fitting AT ALL.

All the shorts I was wearing last summer are way loose. Then, all the shorts and things I didn’t wear much because they were tight and uncomfortable fit perfectly, if not a tiny bit on the big side. Then I got to the stuff I didn’t even bother trying to wear last summer. I have a pair of khaki capris I was wearing when I graduated highschool, we’re talking 2007 so that’s like 5 years ago. This time last year, I tried them on… couldn’t really get them past my hips, cried and took them off. Yesterday, I got them up and buttoned. Now… they are still way too tight to wear in public or for long periods of time. BUT the fact that they fit at all made me really happy, muffin top and all.

I’d found a few more shirts I can fit in more comfortably too. And I’m finding shirts that I’d been wearing the whole time (and probably shouldn’t have been) are looking quite awesome on me. Today I’m wearing a shirt that I’m wearing in one of the pictures on my photo page. It’s a cotton black short sleeve zip up shirt and I always wear a tank underneath it. It fits so differently on me today than it does in the picture. It’s longer and looks less like it’s uncomfortably stretched around my body. Pretty freakin’ exciting.

So celebrations there.

I’m also still trying to decide what fun things to do with my hair! Even though I know you will not be able to comment… I’m going to be optimistic here. Here’s a photo of my hair now… If anyone out there with a flare for hair styles or if I’m really lucky someone who is actually a stylist. Toss me some fun ideas. I’m ready for something new!

I don’t know why my face looks 5 shades darker than my neck… and I promise my hair is even on both sides. It’s hard to discretely take a photo of yourself in the middle of a computer lab full of people. Haha

I have no idea what I’m doing about meals today… It’s a lot of running around and going to class and getting stuff done. I’ll probably be very low on calories today. But one or two days of that isn’t all that bad, I don’t think. Better than WAY too many, in my opinion!

Evvverrrybody have an awesome day!

Here’s to hard work and determination, and getting this blog fixed,


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