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13 Mar, 2012

Day 70 – It’s Far Too Pretty Outside For Me To Feel This Terrible

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I have a headache from Hell right now. It’s all in my right eye and the right side of my head. It’s also making me sick to my stomach and super tired. And obviously, it’s really bumming me out. Oh yeah, did I mention it’s freakin’ 75 degrees out and sunny? Yeah… and all I feel like doing is yacking and going to bed. And maybe cry a little )’:

I skipped my first class and slept in this morning. So I weighed myself around 11:45, rather than 7:30 when I normally would have.

Today’s weeeiiggghhhh daaaaayyy goes as follows:

2 Weeks Ago: 196.2

This Week: 194.0

A loss of 2.2 pounds.

This is really okay, in my opinion. It seems more likely to me that I maintained the week of Spring Break and then lost this past week. Rather than somehow lost 1 pound over SB eating nonstop garbage and only 1 pound this week, being completely on track everyday but 1.

A rough estimation of my calories for the week were:

Tues, Mar 06 Last Day of Spring Break

Wed, Mar 07 1,258

Thus, Mar 08 1,254

Fri, Mar 09 1,108

Sat, Mar 10 1,354

Sun, Mar 11 1,325

Mon, Mar 12 2,205

Well. As it turns out, I was off plan TWO days this past week. Huh. Well, whatever.

Yesterday, we went to Red Lobster on kind of a whim… I ended up having a Sangeria, Half bf’s Salmon, Half my Sirloin with A1 sauce, like 3 coconut jumbo shrimp, steamed broccoli, a cheese biscuit and a half of their crazy Chocolate Chip Molten Lava Cookie with Ice Cream and Magic and Heaven. It was incredible. And all bad. Sooo… that’s what happened there.

My head hurts so bad it’s making it hard to really concentrate on anything… But I couldn’t let TWO wweeeiiggghhh ddaaaays go by without a post. What kind of blogger would I be if I did that?

I did also realize I’ve reached my first mini goal. I am now a little bitty bit past my 25% mark. So that’s extremely exciting and I will be getting my hair did soon. I have been carrying around $100 in my wallet from my birthday that I keep meaning to deposit into my bank. I might just use that and see what kind of amazing things I can have done to my hair. I might chicken out and not do anything too exciting. Either way, I’ll post a before and after picture.

Anyone know anything new about the comment stuff being broken. It’s kind of hit and miss for me. It’s honestly getting on my nerves. It’s been a few days too many for something so vital to not be functioning.

I have approximately 1.2 million things to do between today and this time next week. So I’m going to get off here and see if I can’t knock a few of those things out right now. Before I make an early retirement to my soft, cushy bed.

Here’s to hard work and determination… and my headache letting up.


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