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07 Feb, 2012

Day 35 – Another Impossibly Long Day

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Wow… So I was typing this up in IE… but then it decided to crap out on me and just completely stop working. I should have known…

Sooo… (Once again) This is going to be a short little post. And honest to goodness short post… not one where I say it’ll be short and then before I know it I’ve written 1,500 words.

I weighed today. I knew I shouldn’t get TOO excited… But I wasn’t necessarily disappointed either.

Last Week – 205.4

This Week – 205.0

So, a 0.4 pound loss. That’s a heck of a lot better than a gain and even a little better than maintaining… So I’m satisfied. I wanna be a little dissappointed it wasn’t more… but considering I lost 5 pounds last week, I’ll take the tiny loss this week. I figure if anything this week has confirmed last week’s loss, since I didn’t gain it back.

This past week wasn’t bad besides Sunday, but I still wasn’t expecting great things this morning on the scale.

Now… I’ve taken my Industrial Psych exam already this morning. I’m going to have a salad from the campus buffet style lunch (I brought my own dressing because I’m a crazy control freak). Then I’m going to go to a few more classes, learn some stuff, do grocery shopping on the way home, clean my entire apartment, go back to campus for a club meeting, then meet bf’s brother somewhere in town for hanging out-ness.

Whew. These long days kill me. Especially since I slept a whopping 5 hours last night. But, I do it to myself. So what can ya do?

Everyone have an incredible day! And since I keep reminding myself of this… I’ll tellĀ  you too. This is a life long journey to health… It won’t happen over night. Small steps everyday and even though sometimes those steps seem bigger some weeks than others… You’re still moving forward. Just don’t quit altogether!

Here’s to hard work and determination,


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