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31 Jan, 2012

Day 28 – Good News and Bad News

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So… Which one should I discuss first? Since they are (I think) very closely related, I’ll start with the bad news so I can end with the good news. Or good-ish news, depending on how you wanna view it.

But this can’t be a long post because I have a stupid debriefing statement to write. I’ve designed and am going to start conducting my very own undergrad research project. It’s pretty exciting but they make you jump through a bunch of hoops and are very picky when it comes to the acceptance process. Just making sure I’m being all ethical and stuff… woo

So today is Tuesday, which means it is my weeeeiighh daaaay. I think I do that every time. Draw out weeeeeiiggghh daaaay. I hope you guys read it in an epic, booming voice. Make it a little dramatic. haha

But first, the bad news. The past… I’d say 15 hours or so, I’ve been super sick. Not really sick, I guess. I just think I’ve picked up a stomach bug. And without going into great, icky detail… Whatever goes in, comes out fairly quickly. And I’m not throwing up. I think that sums it up. I’m not sure if it’s something I ate or just something I’ve picked up… But I hope it stops soon. It seems like I’m always having some kind of digestion issues.

Good news! Now that’s I’ve shared such… intimate… information with you all. There is a “silver lining” if you wanna call it that?? I definitely lost weight this week… 5 pounds to be exact.

Last Weight: 210.4

Today’s Weight: 205.4

I loss worth celebrating… if I believed it was accurate. I’m willing to bet I gain a little back. Which I am MORE than okay with if it means everything going back to normal. I hate feeling all sickly. Also, I think a 5lb loss in a week is a bit extreme. I’m attributing it to the very empty stomach this morning…

So, unfortunately I have nothing else to add because I have pressing matters to attend to this morning… But I wanted to let you all know about my weigh in! Accountability, and all.

Also… I recently discovered something called PB2. If you haven’t heard of it, I recommend checking it out on Amazon. It’s powdered peanut butter. You mix it with water if you want peanut butter… but I’ve been using it in smoothies. It’s very tasty, all natural, and has like 85% less calories and a lot less fat than normal peanut butter. It’s like 45 calories for 2TBSP and like 1.5g fat. I had a banana PB2 smoothie this morning that was just awesome. Only draw back is I keep burping banana. NOT the best. :-p

Okay! I’m done for now! Everyone go out and have incredible and successful days!

Here’s to hard work and determination,


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1 | fluffysophie

January 31st, 2012 at 9:39 am


First off, FEEL BETTER!!!
Second, I always read weeeeeeiiiggghhhh daaayyyyyy in a fairly feminine voice but its always in a singsongy type of voice. I do, however, think that I will start reading it in an angrily expressive morgan freeman voice so that it can live up to expectations. =P
Third, CONGRATS ON THE LOSS!!! I told you splurging was never a bad thing! =P Just needs to be done in moderation!
And forth, Im going to stop talking/typing and go write an update of my own…since I happen so have a little free time. :] GOOD LUCK FROM HERE ON OUT! ;D Glad youre keeping us posted!

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