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20 Mar, 2012

Day 77 – I Did A Number On Myself

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Helllooo lovelies!

I am sorry again for my absence. This blog has really lost my interest since it decided to be all broken…

I do feel an obligation to post on wweeeiiggghhh daaaay, however.

For anyone curious about my title, I’ll get to that soon.

So… the results!

Last Week: 194.0

This Week: 192.6

A loss of 1.4 pounds.

Now… the way I look at this today: A loss is a loss is a loss. Whether it’s half a pound, one pound, or four pounds. So I’m a happy camper. I weigh less than I did last week, and the week before that and the month before that. And isn’t that the ultimate goal, anyway?

A rough estimation of my calories for the week were:

Tues, Mar 13 1,361

Wed,  Mar 14 1,237

Thus, Mar 15 1,283

Fri,    Mar 16 1,171

Sat,    Mar 17 ????

Sun,   Mar 18 ???? (<700… I’ll explain!)

Mon,  Mar 19 1,396

Anyone who skimmed those is probably thinking… What the heck, E? What’s your problem? What happened Saturday and Sunday?

WELL! The answer to that is… Saint Patrick’s Day happened. I went out, innocently enough, for a few drinks. Fully intending on keeping myself in check. However, I ended up going out with someone turning 21, and all their free shots also became free shots for me as well. I don’t know why, but I decided in a drunken stupor no doubt, never to decline free shots from a man in green suspenders and a glittery green hat. So I didn’t. And that’s what happened Saturday.

Then… early Sunday morning consisted mostly of me swearing off alcohol forever, crying, and being violently ill. This, my friends, was not my finest hour. I didn’t eat on Sunday until around 7pm, which was coincidentally also the first time I left my bed that day. I’m not exaggerating when I say I drank entirely too much. In fact, it’s possible that’s an understatement. I’m still feeling the ill effects… which really just tells me I’m getting old.

My small loss is probably a combination of me eating below my calories this week, and then throwing up anything I might have eaten over my calories on Saturday. I’d say my weight loss is slowing because I haven’t fully incorporated exercise into my life. Which is something I must do. And soon.

Besides all that, the jeans I’m wearing are making me upset. I know, no one wants to read about someone complaining about clothes not fitting because they’re now too big… For some reason, I’m losing weight unproportionally, so my jeans are too loose in my butt, legs, and hips… but still okay in the waist. So I’m walking around all saggy looking. Boo.

That’s all for me today! Going to see if there have been any improvments to the commenting situation. My expectations are low…

Here’s to hard work and determination!


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