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05 Oct, 2010

What These New Jeans Are Sayin…

Posted by: delitaagain In: New Me

So I got my new size smaller Levi’s and… [DRUMROLLLLLLLLLLLLL] They are PERfect! A teeny snug in the waist but not snug in the hips and thighs, not loose either. Perfect. Now if I’ll just get away from wheat my waist will drop 2-3 inches in a week and if I’ll stick with the working […]

12 Feb, 2009

Getting Re-oriented

Posted by: delitaagain In: Planning

My dad was a pilot. He taught all of us children to navigate as he drove the car. By the time we were driving we could find about anything, with and without a map. Just this week I’m finding myself in shock over the progress and also re-thinking where I’m headed. It feels like I’ve […]

26 Jan, 2009

I’ve Learned to be Satisfied with Progress

Posted by: delitaagain In: Lessons Learned

Funny, I almost mis-typed that title as “I’ve Learned to be Satisfied with Success.” But that is not it. I really have “learned to be satisfied with progress.” My DDIL was sharing her own progress the other day and then followed it up with a comment about “but…” and shared how she hadn’t reached her […]

20 Oct, 2008

Progress in the Rearview Mirror

Posted by: delitaagain In: Lessons Learned

Thanks to Patty for reminding me about this. Progress is best measured looking in the rear view mirror. When we look ahead, we tend to gauge the distance between where we are and the horizon. As we move forward, the horizon moves with us. No matter how much progress we’ve made when we look ahead […]

07 Aug, 2008

Blog Day 1 – Define Progress

Posted by: delitaagain In: Lessons Learned

This odyssey doesn’t have a clear beginning and won’t ever end (until I leave this world) so we’ll be racking up progress in blog days here – days since I started blogging the odyssey. Progress is defined as anything I did or even thought about that would tend to result in odyssey-related movement. Motivation. Forward […]

  • Sandi DeFalco: Hello Delita!!!! I was going through my favorites list and noticed Forums, and lo and behold, there you were! I'll assume you are doing good, haven't
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