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09 Mar, 2010

Better & Better

Posted by: delitaagain In: New Me

Hafta tell ya, I’m pretty excited about realizing I’m wearing the same size I was wearing 15 years ago. That was the year I moved to NC. And, I was too large for it at least half the time since. Plus, I’m completely healthy (have been for ten years). Feel great, feel like jumping up […]

21 Feb, 2010

Hea!thy Choice: The New TV Dinner

Posted by: delitaagain In: New Me

These are the two dinners I ate tonight. Both are Healthy Choice. Do they look like their pictures? Sorry about the lack of light. First, Beef Tips Portobello, showing 18 grams protein, 5 grams fiber, 270 calories. On the back we see also, 7 grams of fat and 34 grams of carbohydrate (14 sugar). Sodium […]

29 Dec, 2008

Take Your Life Back

Posted by: delitaagain In: Motivation

There are some things that rob us of our life. Laziness. Fear. Bad habits like procrastination and problems with punctuality. Being undisciplined. Being fat is one of them. I choose to lose the overweight. Any weight I carry over what I need to be happy and healthy is a burden, is slowing me down, robbing […]

  • Sandi DeFalco: Hello Delita!!!! I was going through my favorites list and noticed Forums, and lo and behold, there you were! I'll assume you are doing good, haven't
  • tjnorth: I spent some time with my sister this summer and she lost about 100 pounds (she won't really say) three years ago by eating the good stuff (veggies,
  • brseay: Wow, what incredible pictures! So good to see you pop up here. Many of the regulars have disappeared so it's nice to see a friendly face. My ch