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04 Oct, 2009

Focus Breakfast – Saturday, Sunday

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Year/Mo/Day Water 16 oz. Breakfast w/2 hrs of getting up Breakfast w/ Protein Off Program Drinks Comment GOAL 6+ yes yes 0 — Thursday yes yes yes 1 so far… Friday yes yes yes 1 …so good Saturday yes no yes 1 missed by 3 min. Sunday yes yes yes 1 minutes to spare I […]

19 Mar, 2009

Consistency is the Key to Victory

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I’m learning. When I entered Eileen’s Challenge I was thinking it would be almost impossible for me to do well because I need to take a rest day from exercise at least every one day out of three. But, I’m so glad I did join. First, immediately being in the challenge inspired me to quit […]

24 Dec, 2008

Christmas Challenge – I’m In!

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Getupnow has set up a great little Christmas Challenge over on The Last Straw. Perfect for me. I highly recommend it… See you Monday! =)


WooHoo! With another loss last night I weighed in for the month at 253.4, down another 5.8 from last month. That is 5.8 two months in a row, 11.6 pounds for the two months and 46.6 pounds down from my top weight. This month was pretty much a wash. After my trip at the end […]

01 Oct, 2008

OCTOBER 1 – Begin Diet & Fitness 6 month Challenge

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This is day one of Delita’s Own Diet and Fitness Challenge. Starting Statistics: Height: 68 inches Weight: 265 pounds Waist: 47.25 inches Calculated by ZONE *measure* method: Lean Body Mass: 115.4 pounds Total Body Fat: 149.6 pounds Body Fat Percentage: 56.5% Body Mass Index: 40.3 (morbidly obese) Weight loss to date: 35 pounds Weight loss […]

  • Sandi DeFalco: Hello Delita!!!! I was going through my favorites list and noticed Forums, and lo and behold, there you were! I'll assume you are doing good, haven't
  • tjnorth: I spent some time with my sister this summer and she lost about 100 pounds (she won't really say) three years ago by eating the good stuff (veggies,
  • brseay: Wow, what incredible pictures! So good to see you pop up here. Many of the regulars have disappeared so it's nice to see a friendly face. My ch