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16 Oct, 2010

I’m WithFit! And Veeery Happy!

Posted by: delitaagain In: Fitness

Today was my 6th workout in two weeks. I did all my warm-up stuff plus *run* 1/4 mile at 4.0 mph. This is a walk for most but a run for me and amazing. Three workouts per week ended up being as much as I could handle and plenty enough. I am logging my workouts and […]

25 Apr, 2009

Hope For the Future

Posted by: delitaagain In: Fitness|Motivation

My workouts have really been my focus here for the last few weeks. It takes me back… When I was 22-23, I worked in heavy construction after riding a 10-speed bike 10-20 miles a day. My weight was about 20-30 pounds above where I wanted it, and, it didn’t really come down, at the time. […]


11 Apr, 2009

New Workout Records!

Posted by: delitaagain In: Fitness

I just hafta share here, I’ve been concerned that continuing to do my (heavy) CrossFit workouts with the addition of a couple hours a day of dog walking at a fast pace seemed just too much for this body. Yet today – I set new records on a benchmark weightlifting workout. For those of you […]

18 Mar, 2009

Finding Delita

Posted by: delitaagain In: Fitness

Whew. Yesterday I had such a breakthrough in my CrossFit workout that I am re-thinking everything about my goals. I have only been a runner once in my life. At age 24, my husband and I both took lunch at work at the same time and met at the track to run 2 miles together. […]

Thanks to my back-from-Iraq son, I’ve done CrossFit two days this week and plan to again tomorrow. Currently I am *pleasantly* sore in arms and upper legs, a good place to be. It is amazing how much of the ground I gained in the few months I did CrossFit is still hanging tough. I can […]


  • Sandi DeFalco: Hello Delita!!!! I was going through my favorites list and noticed Forums, and lo and behold, there you were! I'll assume you are doing good, haven't
  • tjnorth: I spent some time with my sister this summer and she lost about 100 pounds (she won't really say) three years ago by eating the good stuff (veggies,
  • brseay: Wow, what incredible pictures! So good to see you pop up here. Many of the regulars have disappeared so it's nice to see a friendly face. My ch