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07 Oct, 2010

Back in the Gym!

Posted by: delitaagain In: New Me

Tuesday was my first day back in the gym in about a year and a half. Due to life happenings and living situations I just have not had the place, time, commitment for quite a while now.

Solution: Found a gym that is $10 a month (special ends Oct. 14) with a $10 start up and then annually $30 to renew, which guarantees the rate stays at $10 a month. No contract. It is also in a fairly good location for me which is maybe the most important concern at this time.

The chain is called Planet Fitness. I’m not pushing them, just sharing. It is clean, cheap, user friendly and basic. Maybe a little too basic for me, but that is the price of cheap today. Apparently no abmats, kettlebells and NO CONCEPT 2 ROWER! Oh, noooooooooo!

My workout program is again CrossFit. Previously, I was following the main CF program online and scaling it back to “overweight, out-a-shape gramma.” Now my son is certified level one CF trainer and he has agreed to provide a program for me. It is very important not to design your own program as you will fall into the favoring your weaknesses trap. Thanks, coach!

First day: “Ran” 1 mile (18:30 minutes).

Second day: 21 pseudo burpees (get down, get back up any way you can).

Also starting to work on squats and can tell I am doing them wrong by where I am sore. Yikes! Back to the drawing board on these.

It feels GOOD! But, I did almost do too much and I’m craving more food, especially protein. Not surprising, I had gotten to where I was eating too light.

“In the gym again…” Sung to the tune of “On the Road Again.”

Play along: What is the last thing you did for movement?

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