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31 Aug, 2008

Weigh In: 3 Weeks and 11 Pounds

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Last week when I weighed in I had a *huge* loss that had to be mostly water weight. I bounced back up the next day and then all week I’ve been heading down and down, ending up .4 above where I was last week – but I believe this is a true weight reflecting a […]

31 Aug, 2008

Favorite Menu: Yogurt & CHOCOLATE!!

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My first Flat Belly dessert. I knew that chocolate was a MUFA (moly-unsaturated fat), usable at any meal, but just hadn’t gotten around to buying any or choosing a menu with it. Then, today, I did buy some: bulk dark chocolate chips sweetened with cane at Whole Foods. Eating my unplanned meal, I realized I […]

I really did it today. I started the day with too few calories, then ate my snack in lieu of lunch because I had it with me. By the time I next ate a real meal, I didn’t eat what I planned and just winged it, to the tune of 900+ calories (these are supposed […]

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30 Aug, 2008

I Exercised! I Exercised!

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I gotta tell you here first because it was here that I started getting right enough on the food that I could get back to it. Then, two days after starting back walking, I hit the aspartame debacle and quit again. ;-/ That was two weeks ago now. I really rode that debacle. ;-> I […]

30 Aug, 2008

The 3 C’s of Successful Change

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Commitment is the Key to Consistancy Consistancy is the Key to Victory Choices Have Consequences

  • Sandi DeFalco: Hello Delita!!!! I was going through my favorites list and noticed Forums, and lo and behold, there you were! I'll assume you are doing good, haven't
  • tjnorth: I spent some time with my sister this summer and she lost about 100 pounds (she won't really say) three years ago by eating the good stuff (veggies,
  • brseay: Wow, what incredible pictures! So good to see you pop up here. Many of the regulars have disappeared so it's nice to see a friendly face. My ch