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06 Aug, 2011

Before and After INSPIRATION!

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What a difference! My son picked this out from Crossfit Facebook.

Rosemary did this on Crossfit (my fitness plan) and Paleo (my food plan). Here’s a little more:

Rosemary at Crossfit Tribe (her gym)

She did this in 6 months, faithfully attending her Crossfit gym 5 times per week, eating Paleo with very few cheats, and, losing 50 pounds.

While Rosemary has been doing *my* fitness plan with *my* food plan, I have been doing neither. :-/

What can I say? I don’t believe in excuses after learning that excuses give me permission not to change. And I am changing. See? No more excuses! LOL

I’m also not working out or eating the foods my body likes best. Like good protein, good veggies, nuts and whole fruits. Knowing that way of eating works best for me is what attracted me to Paleo. Having fun and getting results attracted me to Crossfit.

My favorite quote from the comments on Facebook: OMG, I’m on the wrong program lol Great job! Such an inspiration Rosemary!

My challenge to myself: am I going to find the way I can eat right and work out to lose weight?

Play along: What’s your challenge?

UPDATE: I got it wrong. The below pic is 6 months progress and the upper pic is 1 year. She did lose 50 pounds in six months.

14 Apr, 2011

Change — It’s Really Happening!

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Brunch Today This was brunch today. Breakfast started late and took too long to get together so morphed into brunch. That is a veggie frittata made from whatever was on hand. I added a little sour cream after taking the pic, which was good, but would have enjoyed salsa even more. Next time.

So my friend and I have stumbled onto HUGE life changing stuff. Really, God led us into it. Thank you, Jesus!

We’ve been learning and doing now for six weeks and the differences in our lives are not only that our lives are staightening up around us but we are learning that these things work spiritually, too. So, everything just keeps getting better. Really. On almost a daily basis.

I sound so calm to me! LOL But this is huge. It does take work to change.

I’ve found my natural resistance to doing even what I know is good for me and will get me what I want pretty strong. But, I can see now that if I’ll stay in there…

Consistency is the key to VICTORY!

My expectation is that as things continue to improve I’ll add in more movement and continue to improve the eating. In the last two weeks, I’ve gotten almost completely off caffeine, wheat and sugar. That is huge for me, and seemed almost effortless. I’m drinking a lot of water with lemon and a little tea.

So, I planned to write about the *how* of this but so far all I’m sharing is results. That is good. Results are good. I’m telling you I’m liking this.

A huge part of it is not getting in a hurry. Not getting under pressure. We are talking peace out of chaos here, and it comes with real peace, too.

My plan is to get back to more frequent posting here and share some of what we are doing. But, maybe I should wait until we have more proven results before sharing the method.

Play along: Who wants method now? Who would rather wait on proven results?

23 Mar, 2011

Change — The Key to Everything I Want

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What do I want, you may ask.

Well, this thought will work for you even if you don’t want what I want.

Here is the real question: If you keep going the way you are going, doing what you have been doing the way you have been doing it, will you get where you want to go? Get to do what you want to do? Get to be who you want to be?

Not me. For me, a yes answer to all these requires real change in me, in what I’m doing and in the ways I am doing things.

And I’m up for it.

This last 3 weeks and 3 days has been a huge life change. I hope to write about it.

Meantime, I am heading off on the road again tomorrow, three days west, back home for three nights then over one state and a pile of mountains for another four day trip to a three day conference. I really enjoy my life.

So what’s changed? I have. And I’m determined to take what I’ve done and what I’ve learned and apply it on out into every area of my life.

I’ve learned that doing things differently will change me and that changes my life. I’ve learned that 1 + 1 = not 2, not 3 but 4. Yes, I’ll have to explain that one, but in a later post.

I’ve learned that I can do what I’m called to do and be who God and I always wanted me to be. And, I’ve learned how to get it working.

Wow. I’m eager to explain. Right now it is 11:30ish PM and tomorrow, as said, I’ll be off again, this time without internet. I will post again soon.

Thanks so much for coming back and keeping up! Now you know what I want (back up 2 paragraphs).

Play along: What do you want? Or, what have you learned this month?

18 Feb, 2011

Change is Good

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It seems that many people … could we say, most? … don’t like change. And also many people … shall we say, most? … want *more.* More money, more time, quantity, quality, whatever. You know. More.

Be truthful here. Are you content with what you have, what you have achieved? Or — be honest — would you really like *more?*

What’s wrong with this picture?

IF I want *more* anything, THEN I will have to change what I am doing. As we have often heard, keeping  on doing the same things and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

So IF I want more weight loss, etc. THEN I will have to change, do things differently, in order to get different results. As in, more.

Why, oh, why would we be so dimwitted as to keep wanting more and thinking we can afford to not like change? Change is good. Change is the key to getting what we want. More.

Change is good. Change is friend. Seems I have some work to do deciding to embrace change and what good change do I want to start with?

How about you? What are you willing to change so you can have more of what you want?

Thanks for playing!


01 Jan, 2011

Happy 2011!

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My goal for this year is to seek and follow Jesus with my whole heart — like never before. I am still expecting with that: weightloss. What is your goal?

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