Blister and all it is worth it!

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    Today I have been pulling up the old flooring in our upstairs bathroom.  I have the blister on my hand to prove it.  So far I have earned 9 AP just in doing that.  I have also been cleaning like crazy 2 more AP.  I have been a little off of my points but I have been starving.  I am sure it is all of the activity I have been doing.  I super vacuumed the stairs today and the landing.  I use a shop vac because it was easier to do because the hose is longer.  I also have better suction with the shop vac to pick up dog hair that was on the steps.  My hubby just did not realize how much the lab was shedding until we started all of the home repairs and the dog hair was in places i dont know how it got there.  But one great thing is he does not want the dog back in the house.  YEAH!!!!
    I have been moving more and I can see a small difference in my pants.  No one else may be able to see it but boy I can and I really can feel it.  I have a lot of work in the house this week coming.  We are trying to get everything all nice and clean for when kiddo comes home for a week from school.  We are hoping that it is all a big surprise and they like it.  I mean don’t get me wrong I do clean but since we have been doing all of the changes we have saw dust, sheet rock dust and just normal dust from coming in and out so much.  I just want to showcase all of the hard work we have been doing.  I also need to change sheet in kiddo bedroom and surface clean in there.  Oh I forgot that I have cleaned out the cabinets where I store all my pots and pans.  It looks really nice.
    I really do need to get back to swimming and walking.  That may have to wait until after kiddo goes back to school.  I do plan on doing a 5K at the end of the month.  I just have to write it down on my calendar.  I really hope to be under 250 this week.  So I will be watching it really well this weekend.   Well off to shower we have a dinner to go to for a friend that was hurt 1 year ago today.  It is kinda like a thank you for taking care of me in my time of need.  It should be fun.  And yes I will be able to eat out and be on point.  LOL  Have a great weekend.

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  1. firefly Says:

    I swear home remodeling and housework is like the best exercise! Not just do you get a great calorie burn, but you have a lovely home to look at afterwards!

    I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can swim this summer! I may actually buy a bathing suit this year, first one I’ll own in over a decade!!

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