Down a pound

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   Well I am very excited. Down a pound.  I am very happy.  It may not seem like a lot but to me it was wonderful.  I want to loose the .6 plus .1 so I will no longer be in the 250’s.  I know laugh but it is what will make me smile.  I really do want to get under 250 and then my next weight goal will be 245.  I am going to take it slow and 5 pounds at a time.  I finally gave up on a huge loss.  I really don’t know why I gained for the whole month of Feb but I did.  I have a reasonable long term goal.  At least I think it is.  Thanksgiving I would like to be at 199.0 that is only 8. something per month for 6 months.  I want to be able to look different at Thanksgiving.  That is 29 weeks I can do this.  Well anyway, here is the update on my goals for Sunday.

  1. I did track
  2. I still have towels left
  3. Still have dishes in sink
  4. I did walk up and down my long private drive a few times
  5. No curtain up
  6. Was not able to make salad
  7. Had a huge salad with dinner it was great
  8. I did not start floor
  9. I did not move winter clothes
10.   I did not get stairs done
11.   I did stay on point
now here is what we did do. We bought some of the best boil crawfish and had lunch on the front porch. Our lab likes crawfish. He just about likes everything. We installed the doors on the panty it took some time we had to put up new tracks and the how shebang. Then this is where my day got bad. I took back a rented movie went to sonic to pick up some drinks and 2 bags of ice and my car died so hubby had to come and help me out. Of course no one would help me out and sonic would not take my ice back into the freezer area. Mean sonic. anyway he showed up and we had to push my car out of the parking spot then we had to jump it off then drove home and put up the melting ice then we went to have my battery checked and it was dead dead dead. Luckily it was just shy of 2 months of being out of warranty so we got a new one. Thank goodness then we came home and it was just so hot and it was time to cook dinner so I cooked fish and potato and onions and salad. It made for a really long day. I have WI today. At this point I just don’t care about my WI. I have to get home and get the towels going and do the dishes and make the apple salad. It is going to be another long day. Have a great day today.


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