trying my daily goals again

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   Okay, I am going to start my goal list for today.  I will let you know how they went late tonight or tomorrow. I am going to try to do this all week. 
 1.  Track Track Track
 2.  Finish Laundry
 3.  Do dishes
 4.  Get in some walking that does not include shopping
 5.  Hang up the last curtain and put up pantry doors (this all depends on hubby)
 6.  Prepare Apple salad for the week
 7.  Have a salad with dinner ( I have not been having one and I don’t know why I love them)
 8.  Get floor down in the Bathroom (yes I know more home repairs/changes)
 9.  Move all winter/hunting clothing to the extra room so I can have it out of sight
10. Vacuum Stairs
11. Stay on point

 I think I can finish most of these.  I am really excited about the new floor it is really pretty.  We just have to move all the stuff out of the bathroom first and that is going to be a big chore but once that is out it will go really fast.  I have a huge bathroom so I have a lot of stuff in there.  I have been meaning to repot some ivy plants that I have in there and now I will have to move them out so this will be the perfect time to get them done.  My stairs need to be vacuumed and I should be able to get then done rather easily today with hubby’s help.  It is hard to hold the vacuum and then vacuum at the same time.  My tummy is just growling like crazy at me.  It does not do that normally this early in the morning.  I need to get into better habits before the month gets away from me.   I really do want to walk a 5k this year.  I know I can do I just need to do it and not find an excuse to not do it.  anyone walking in the Paws for a cause today Kudos on doing it and you go girl/guy.  I did not want to walk in the heat of the day If they had started at 9 Am but not at  2 PM it is just to hot at that time of the day for humans and for dogs.  Anyway good luck this week on weigh ins.  Be back later to report in. 

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