Monday is coming and so is the restart to health

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Well I have been gone for a while and I have had some health issues and emotional stuff to take care of. I will be walking and swimming for 53 days to get into a healthy lifestyle before holidays start.  If I can not do it now I guess I will not do it at anytime.  I will be very busy trying to get this lifestyle going and that will mean a lot of tears, fears and guilt.  I must do this not just want to do this.  Wish me luck I am gonna try to post daily and only update weight weekly.  Have a great weekend and you know you are doing great so continue your hard work.

taking care of family

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Well I was not able to attend my WI so I had to do it at home.  which is fine.  I know that my scales are 7 pound heavier than those at the WW meeting.  I am down 3.6 pounds.  I thinking to myself Yeah Right.  But I also weighed at a Dr office and it said the same thing.  I hope that I keep going I am not attending a WW meeting next week either.  Kiddo will be home for a week. Yeah!!!!!  Well we have had one heck of a weekend and beginning of a week.  Mother in law fell broke wrist Friday.  So I have been taking care of her round the clock.  We went to Dr. today and have surgery tomorrow at 7 am.  So I have been up and down and I guess I use more Activity points than I thought helping her up and down in the chair and walking to and back from the bathroom.  she is better and will be really good after tomorrow.  Has to have pins in it. 
    I have been eating really good except for some coke but I needed something to help calm me down.  We have not been able to do any work on the bathroom do to the accident.  I am home for a while to do some dishes and laundry and stuff like that.  I need to get as much done as possible so that I am not rushing at the end of the week.  I really want to be able to relax on Friday so that Saturday we are rested when we go to the airport to pick up kiddo.  I am gonna be really busy next week with activities so I will try to update as soon as I can.  Good luck all this week. 

Blister and all it is worth it!

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    Today I have been pulling up the old flooring in our upstairs bathroom.  I have the blister on my hand to prove it.  So far I have earned 9 AP just in doing that.  I have also been cleaning like crazy 2 more AP.  I have been a little off of my points but I have been starving.  I am sure it is all of the activity I have been doing.  I super vacuumed the stairs today and the landing.  I use a shop vac because it was easier to do because the hose is longer.  I also have better suction with the shop vac to pick up dog hair that was on the steps.  My hubby just did not realize how much the lab was shedding until we started all of the home repairs and the dog hair was in places i dont know how it got there.  But one great thing is he does not want the dog back in the house.  YEAH!!!!
    I have been moving more and I can see a small difference in my pants.  No one else may be able to see it but boy I can and I really can feel it.  I have a lot of work in the house this week coming.  We are trying to get everything all nice and clean for when kiddo comes home for a week from school.  We are hoping that it is all a big surprise and they like it.  I mean don’t get me wrong I do clean but since we have been doing all of the changes we have saw dust, sheet rock dust and just normal dust from coming in and out so much.  I just want to showcase all of the hard work we have been doing.  I also need to change sheet in kiddo bedroom and surface clean in there.  Oh I forgot that I have cleaned out the cabinets where I store all my pots and pans.  It looks really nice.
    I really do need to get back to swimming and walking.  That may have to wait until after kiddo goes back to school.  I do plan on doing a 5K at the end of the month.  I just have to write it down on my calendar.  I really hope to be under 250 this week.  So I will be watching it really well this weekend.   Well off to shower we have a dinner to go to for a friend that was hurt 1 year ago today.  It is kinda like a thank you for taking care of me in my time of need.  It should be fun.  And yes I will be able to eat out and be on point.  LOL  Have a great weekend.

Down a pound

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   Well I am very excited. Down a pound.  I am very happy.  It may not seem like a lot but to me it was wonderful.  I want to loose the .6 plus .1 so I will no longer be in the 250’s.  I know laugh but it is what will make me smile.  I really do want to get under 250 and then my next weight goal will be 245.  I am going to take it slow and 5 pounds at a time.  I finally gave up on a huge loss.  I really don’t know why I gained for the whole month of Feb but I did.  I have a reasonable long term goal.  At least I think it is.  Thanksgiving I would like to be at 199.0 that is only 8. something per month for 6 months.  I want to be able to look different at Thanksgiving.  That is 29 weeks I can do this.  Well anyway, here is the update on my goals for Sunday.

  1. I did track
  2. I still have towels left
  3. Still have dishes in sink
  4. I did walk up and down my long private drive a few times
  5. No curtain up
  6. Was not able to make salad
  7. Had a huge salad with dinner it was great
  8. I did not start floor
  9. I did not move winter clothes
10.   I did not get stairs done
11.   I did stay on point
now here is what we did do. We bought some of the best boil crawfish and had lunch on the front porch. Our lab likes crawfish. He just about likes everything. We installed the doors on the panty it took some time we had to put up new tracks and the how shebang. Then this is where my day got bad. I took back a rented movie went to sonic to pick up some drinks and 2 bags of ice and my car died so hubby had to come and help me out. Of course no one would help me out and sonic would not take my ice back into the freezer area. Mean sonic. anyway he showed up and we had to push my car out of the parking spot then we had to jump it off then drove home and put up the melting ice then we went to have my battery checked and it was dead dead dead. Luckily it was just shy of 2 months of being out of warranty so we got a new one. Thank goodness then we came home and it was just so hot and it was time to cook dinner so I cooked fish and potato and onions and salad. It made for a really long day. I have WI today. At this point I just don’t care about my WI. I have to get home and get the towels going and do the dishes and make the apple salad. It is going to be another long day. Have a great day today.


trying my daily goals again

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   Okay, I am going to start my goal list for today.  I will let you know how they went late tonight or tomorrow. I am going to try to do this all week. 
 1.  Track Track Track
 2.  Finish Laundry
 3.  Do dishes
 4.  Get in some walking that does not include shopping
 5.  Hang up the last curtain and put up pantry doors (this all depends on hubby)
 6.  Prepare Apple salad for the week
 7.  Have a salad with dinner ( I have not been having one and I don’t know why I love them)
 8.  Get floor down in the Bathroom (yes I know more home repairs/changes)
 9.  Move all winter/hunting clothing to the extra room so I can have it out of sight
10. Vacuum Stairs
11. Stay on point

 I think I can finish most of these.  I am really excited about the new floor it is really pretty.  We just have to move all the stuff out of the bathroom first and that is going to be a big chore but once that is out it will go really fast.  I have a huge bathroom so I have a lot of stuff in there.  I have been meaning to repot some ivy plants that I have in there and now I will have to move them out so this will be the perfect time to get them done.  My stairs need to be vacuumed and I should be able to get then done rather easily today with hubby’s help.  It is hard to hold the vacuum and then vacuum at the same time.  My tummy is just growling like crazy at me.  It does not do that normally this early in the morning.  I need to get into better habits before the month gets away from me.   I really do want to walk a 5k this year.  I know I can do I just need to do it and not find an excuse to not do it.  anyone walking in the Paws for a cause today Kudos on doing it and you go girl/guy.  I did not want to walk in the heat of the day If they had started at 9 Am but not at  2 PM it is just to hot at that time of the day for humans and for dogs.  Anyway good luck this week on weigh ins.  Be back later to report in. 

more home repairs/changes

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          Well we are almost totally finished with the downstairs.  I threw my back out on Monday and have been suffering all week.  I do something for about 20-30 minutes then sit on a heating pad for 20-30 minutes.  We have installed the doors on the washroom and will be putting in the doors for the pantry a little later this evening.  I have all the pictures that I can stand framed and hung in the staircase.  They look good just randomly placed no pattern just put up where I could reach.  All the frames are black.  I like the look with the new light fixtures we put in the staircase.  Old Victorian style.  Kind of like the drop-down street light very decorative globes.  Tarnish brass really nice looking ones with chain pulls (of course we don’t use the chains but left them for effect). We have one more curtain rod to put up in the computer room and then I am done down here.    

    We bought new flooring for the upstairs bathroom today.  It is called desert fire terra cotta. It will look good up there.  We have to move two cabinets and unload a storage shelf that I have plants on then clean the floor really well and remove some floor trim and then we can start the flooring.  Hubby wants to do that tomorrow.  It will brighten up the room and give it a more warm feeling than a stark feeling. It will look good with our sink and toilet fixtures. 
    I have been getting in AP’s with all of the work this week even though it has been slow going.  I painted kiddo’s closet doors that was not easy and I am feeling it right now.  I feel like I have been doing squats all day.  My sugar has been so so but I have been drinking coke again.  So I have no excuse.  I had a pound loss last week and I am hoping for one again this week.  I must say even if I don’t get one my pants are looser and that is a good thing.  Well got to run have a great weekend and up coming week.

Just a thought

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“Life may not be a party but here we are so we might as well dance” 

Sounds like some good advice to get us moving.  Have a great weekend.

10 goals for today

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Today is Wednesday and I am picking out my goals for the day. 
# 1-I have to get the laundry completed
# 2-I need to finish the Kitchen so I can start the lower cabinet cleaning
# 3-I need to start emptying the boxes that go back into the computer room
# 4-I want to get some of the pics printed that I have chosen to hang up in the house
# 5-Help mom take in her computer
# 6-A no brainer stay on point
# 7-Try to get in some walking
# 8-Track Track Track
# 9-Water Water Water
#10-Accomplish the above 9 goals
I am hoping that I get them taken care of.  I will be posting what was accomplished at the end of the day.  It really is not that much when you just do it(nike swoosh)(LoL :-p) Wish me luck.  I have to go and take start taking care of the goals.  I am a little ahead I have the laundry started.  Yeah me just a few more loads to go and 9 more goals to take care of.  Later

Up .4 but that is okay

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Well my WI was a gain of .4 however that is fine with me.  I have hurt my foot and it is so swollen even my flip flops are to tight.  I also have to start wearing my brace on my right hand because of swelling and soreness which I believe is from all the painting we did this weekend.  So all in all I really can look at this week as a success because I know how much fluid I am sure I am retaining from all of the swelling. 

     I am going to be working Thursday and Friday so I will not be walking during the day but I will be trying to walk today.   It all depends on how my foot feels.  I hope that I can get a tennis shoe on by Thursday so that I can at least wear shoes to work.  LOL.

    I hope everyone has a good WI this week.  write more later.

Staircase is completed

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    Well the staircase is complete.  All we have left is trim around the bedroom/bathroom doors.  We even painted the whole bathroom ceiling and all the walls and the front and back of the door.  It looks wonderful.  We worked for over 3 hours this morning and 2 hours this evening.  I am so tired.  But it was worth it.  Now all we have left is trim and a second coat on our bedroom door and the backside of the bathroom door.  But the big part is complete.  It is amazing what a few gallons of paint will do to brighten up your room/home.  I love it.  We have now decided to put in a new bathroom floor before the end of month or middle of May.  I already have it picked out. That will take a week out of looking thank goodness.
    So far I am on point and very happy.  I have lots of AP this week, from water aerobics, walking, and home repairs.  It has been a good week.  I had that great walk yesterday but will not be walking today.  I feel like I have already walked forever by going up and down the stairs all day.  I also stepped on a claw hammer and hurt my foot.  I will be okay but it hurt like the dickens. 
    Tomorrow is WI.  I hope that I have lost with all of my activity points that I have gotten in and my sugar is better.  I am not going to be surprised if I did not that is how my year has been going.  The more activity point I have. I tend to be gaining on those weeks really weird.  However I have really been watching everything because of my sugar level so maybe just maybe I will get a good loss.  Here is hoping.  I really want to lose about 3 pounds a week and I have been trying really hard this week.  Every meal I have had apple salad and some other new veggies, and less meat but still plenty of protein. 
    I need to clean up kitchen and take care of some laundry. I just don’t have the energy to bend anymore today.  LOL I know you know what I ment.  I am a little dizzy from all the looking up and down and bending head back to paint.  But not bad.  I am going to have to do the laundry or we will not have work clothes this week.  So I have to take care of that part of my chores.
     I want to be able to walk without my foot killing me tomorrow.  I am thinking about getting some new shoes.  The ones I have are okay but I feel like they dont fit very well sometimes.  I gues it depends on if my feet are swollen or not.  I have really fat and wide feet anyway but I just have not found a shoe lately that does not make me feel like I am sliding forward or it has a weird heal that leans forward really hard and they feel okay in the store but when you walk in them for a while the hurt the heal.  I don’t know if that make sense or not but I am rambling I guess.
     Have a great week and if you have a WI good luck and hope you have a loss.