APRIL 22, 2011

Posted debimomof3 on April 22nd, 2011 | Filed under weight loss

Got up this morning at 8 to go to the gym….picked up my phone to shut off the alarm, and there is a text…UGH Riley is puking AGAIN!!! So, no gym…I head over to her BFF’s house to pick her up, but I had a yummy breakfast(yes healthy too) but not aware of all the points just yet…..Iced Coffee(x 2)-2 points scrambled egg beaters with crumbled turkey bacon, and slice WW cheese & handful of broc(4 points) Im all out of light(or WW bread) so I had regular toast, so I need to figure out the points,but Im not doing that right now…..just chillin’ on here with my 2nd coffee watching clean out! 😀

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