APRIL 16, 2011

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A MAJOR factor in weight loss! As most of you know, Im in a wedding today! Actually, Riley & I are in this wedding(Riley being my 8 year old daughter, for those of you who dont know)

We need to be there very early to make sure all of the girls get their hair & make up done. So what I have done is pack a lunch! I have no idea what will be available to me(and we all know what those vending machines hold)*enter norman bates pysco music here* So I have packed a salad(its chilly out so will be fine in the car) with cucumbers & tuna, for snacks I have FF popcorn(learned last  night this particular one has 0 points the tuna will be 2 points as will my dress(total 4) and riley & I will share raw carrots & some cucumbers. I have waters(although Im pretty sure the inn will have tap water, which I am not against drinking) Knowing I will want to eat later on at the reception, my light lunch & my light breakfast will let me do so! For breakfast I have a side of brocolli(0 points) and an egg beater sandwich on nutragrain waffles, with a slice of WW cheese a total of 4 points!!! oh and please dont forget my iced coffe this morning!(remember…it goes without saying! LOL although I may start drinking it black to ensure I get to EAT my points lol

Well, we are just about off waiting for my great friend Dilys to pick us up so hunny & the older 2 can have the van & we dont end up with 2 vehicles at the wedding(hunny is in the wedding too,but doesnt need to be there until the last minute)


oops ps no gym today 🙁 but usually sundays are my day off…I will be going tomorrow!

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  1. the sister Says:

    look at you planning ahead! your getting better I am getting better at not I am loving this swap :0)

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