Aug 11, 2013

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So I was a bit disappointed for  my first weigh in, nothing….nothing gained, nothing lost, so  I guess that’s “ok” better than gaining right?Well low & behold old aunt flo showed up today, Im SURE that’s why I hadn’t lost!!! Well, I can keep dreaming right? I’ll go weigh in next Saturday & see where Im at. Took yesterday & today off from the gym….yesterday because I was working an open to close double & today cause its my off day from the gym….I’ll be back tomorrow & need to start thinking about my next gym goal

August 9, 2013

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Holy crap its been awhile!!!So I absolutely fell off the wagon for yep, 2 years. I started back up just about 2 weeks ago today & actually joined Weight Watchers on the 3rd. I am so ready to do this, something is different, maybe Im sick & tired of my skin. I know that a lot of people don’t think Im “fat” but Im not happy….isn’t that what matters? I will try & post each night about my day, my trials & my struggles.

APRIL 24, 2011

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Sorry I havent been around I have had an AWFUL time with the stomach bug! 🙁

Also, anyone else that has one of these blogs OVERWELMED with spam? I have “spammed” 16 comments! WTF!

Not sure if Im gonna keep blogging on here. its so agrivating

APRIL 22, 2011

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Got up this morning at 8 to go to the gym….picked up my phone to shut off the alarm, and there is a text…UGH Riley is puking AGAIN!!! So, no gym…I head over to her BFF’s house to pick her up, but I had a yummy breakfast(yes healthy too) but not aware of all the points just yet…..Iced Coffee(x 2)-2 points scrambled egg beaters with crumbled turkey bacon, and slice WW cheese & handful of broc(4 points) Im all out of light(or WW bread) so I had regular toast, so I need to figure out the points,but Im not doing that right now…..just chillin’ on here with my 2nd coffee watching clean out! 😀

APRIL 21, 2011

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Ok, so we all heard about my 23 point salad yesterday for lunch….so what did I do?? I grabbed the leftover chinese food from the fridge & started STUFFING my face….Hunny yelled…Honey..your points! I  promptly replies F*CK MY POINTS!!!! Thinking tomorrow is a new day…right??? WRONG!! My day started all wrong! My alarm didnt go off, so YET AGAIN, I didnt go to the gym…instead, hunny’s phone call woke me up at 10 & jolted me out of bed,…only enough time to gulp down some caffein(1 points worth) and shake riley awake & praise the fact hunny told her to shower the night before & out the door we go headed to daycare…and I’ll get her donuts for breakfast….Thats where you failed, your thinking, right?? WRONG! I did only get riley some dew drops & a bottle of water(yes my 8 year old drinks water like its going out of style!) and drop her at daycare…Now Im thinking…oh man I never go without breakfast anymore, WHAT am I going to eat?? cause you KNOW as soon as I start delivering those meals, Im gonna want fries, or better yet, grab some of those DELECTABLE cheese & crackers we offer!) Im on the phone with hunny as Im contemplating & say MCDONALDS!!!! I can grab that yummy fruit & oatmeal they have!!! So I start heading for downtown & UTILITY work!!! UUUUGGGGHHHHHHHH omg, NOW Im gonna be late….its now 1115,and I have to make a 20 minute drive in 15 minutes. Hunny says…call work…tell them you’ll be late…DONE, as low & behold there is a Dunkin on my right…oooo one of those flatbread eggwhite thingymabobs! BINGO! Ok….get to work literally 1 minute to spare! Day goes by & now time for dinner at home….just me, hunny & joseph…Riley’s sleeping at daycare(ive mentioned her daughter & Ri are Bff’s?) So I say lets go out to eat!;) Ive eaten healthy at friendly’s before(local, pretty cheap) no, I order the stupid seafood combo platter thingy!!! UGH! Do I eat the whole thing?? Of COURSE not, I left 3 fries & 1 clam strip….after all I am NOT a garbage disposal…..bahahahhaha you so lie debbie, but I still love your lard ass anyways…..

So, tomorrow is YET another new day & I wont have to worry about kids being home sleeping while Im at the gym…cause no one will be home….I AM going to the gym….and I AM starting fresh tomorrow!!! I will even get my butt on the scale…and since I will have no worries about getting home to shower for work OR kids…I may even bump up my time on my eliptical(why do I say my eliptical? idk, but I alway “want” to get on the same one each day) lol

good night my friends, sorry this was late, as you heard, this was a hectic day indeed…to my friend maureen, I love you & I really am here if you need to talk….To my loyal readers….til tomorrow, and to the new people who just started reading me today…Together, we will win this fat fight!

APRIL 20, 2011

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ok real quick today…need to get riley to daycare &  me to work for a split double…meaning I’ll be cut after the lunch rush then go home & then back to work @ 5

Riley is feeling MUCH better! I went to the gym today,but didnt really do much, didnt feel right with the kids home sleeping(yes joseph is 14 & old enough to babysit,but still didnt feel right) so I only walked for 20 minutes & burned 113 calories, dont even know how far I walked. Tanned for 10 minutes & home to eat…..

an egg beater(1point) sandwich on a nutragrain waffle(2 points) with WW cheese(1 point) and 2 slices turkey bacon(2 points) Iced coffee(1 point) for a total of 7 points today.

Need to get back on this weight loss band wagon, cause I was at 150 this morning & had chinese food last night, and to serve me right for cheating, it was GROSS!! Im all done ordering from Main street chinese they are just going downhill!

have a great day!

HOLY CRAP!!!! I thought I was being SUCH a good girl!! I had this delicious Southwest Cobb Salad from work(pub 99) I ate it without thinking twice…WELL that salad was 23 points!!!!!! I did an online search for the nutritional info and found this… Put all the info in & BAM 23 points…I guess its a good thing I typically dont go over my points!!! So now I know I have to be REALLY good for the rest of the week! NO MORE EATING! LMAO!

Off for the 2nd half of my double!!

APRIL 19,2011

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Real quick this morning got to scoot to work. Riley is STILL sick…coaxed her into the shower, daycare lady is letting her crash on the couch(thank GOD she has an awesome daycare lady) Single moms with no child support get real nervous having a sick kid & wondering how they will make it if they have to call out of work!

Anyways breakfast this morning was 2 egg beaters(2 points) with 2 slices WW cheese(2 points) some brocolli & 2 slices regular toast(3 points) I ran out of my WW bread,but someone said the light breads are just the same as WW but cheaper!  Hey Im ALL for cheaper! and dont forget my iced coffee(1 point)

total- 8 points

AS of right now, no gym, but I would like to go at some point & will probally go later tonight. Joseph(my 14 y/o) has a 5 oclock appointment so Im thinking some time after that! I’d also like to step on the scale at night so see how much it varies from my morning one the other day(remember the 148??) lol I can only hope!

have a great day!

APRIL 18,2011

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Poor Riley is STILL sick 🙁 No gym today, but it DID eventually dawn on me that I actually own a treadmill so I walked on that for about 20 minutes. Kinda rough on me with the pounding on my ankles & knees. So I only burned 143 calories but HEY I did do something right?!?!?

Breakfast consisted of my iced coffee(1point) and a WW english muffin(2points)

and lunch was a sandwich on a hamb bun(2points) with 2 slices of ham(2points) 1 slice WW cheese(1point) with light mayo(1point) and some parm cheese pita chips(3 points)

TOTAL FOR DAY: 12 points I have 13 left & am going to work tonight. Hopefully I can get to work fairly early to eat something


That if you drink caffinated coffee it does NOT count towards your water intake, but if you drink DEcaffinated coffee it DOES count towards water intake?

APRIL 17, 2011

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So, little update on yesterday(wedding day, nope not mine) I packed all nutricious snacks & a salad for lunch…By the time the wedding was underway & we were eating, I had 17 points left for the day…So, I stopped counting. I didnt gorge myself nor did I go up for 2nds but I had fun & yes I even ate some salad!LOL boy am I getting SOOOO sick of salad! This weeks goal is to MAKE better choices/meals…meaning really MAKE them…not just have a salad lol

So your probably wondering if I went to the gym on my “off” day…since I didnt go friday OR saturday! YES I did!!!! Tried something new today…uummm stretching before the eliptical (umm ya didnt know I had to) what does that mean?? yup, my legs didnt hurt hahaha!! wow, go figure!!! I burned 316 calories & walked 3.06 miles Came home…opened my windows, then made me a ham, cheese, egg beater sandwich on a nutrigrain waffle. 5 points, & 3 slices of turkey bacon(3 more points) and of course my coffe this morning(1 point)

ya speaking of coffee…I think thats where all my points went yesterday before the wedding meal! LOL and yes, my coffees are only 1 point! :O

off to clean & smell this AWESOME fresh air!!!!

Turned out I had to close my windows…lol got to windy..although it still looked beautiful out! And Riley has a stomach bug so Im really not trying to freeze her out! LOL

lunch/dinner, I wasnt that good. I have 5 broccoli bites with sour cream, some fries & half of a grilled chicken panini, it had mushrooms, onions, peppers american cheese & ranch dressing MMmmm but I had only half of it, and nothing since. I gave the other half & the rest of my fries to my son. But the KEY to not failing at this diet thing is do NOT deprive yourself! So what if you want cake! Just dont have the biggest slice! This is why we cheat & feel GUILTY! Dont do IT!

Now  my problem is to find out how to go to the gym tomorrow  with riley home. Jenna is at my sisters babysitting & joseph is at a friends sleeping over(april vaca) and if riley is still sick I cant bring her to the gym to hang out there) shit I cant bring her to the gym to hang if she was fine! or can I? they have a couch, but I just cant see that she’d stay on the couch for an hour & a half(about how long Im there) we’ll see what happens

APRIL 16, 2011

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A MAJOR factor in weight loss! As most of you know, Im in a wedding today! Actually, Riley & I are in this wedding(Riley being my 8 year old daughter, for those of you who dont know)

We need to be there very early to make sure all of the girls get their hair & make up done. So what I have done is pack a lunch! I have no idea what will be available to me(and we all know what those vending machines hold)*enter norman bates pysco music here* So I have packed a salad(its chilly out so will be fine in the car) with cucumbers & tuna, for snacks I have FF popcorn(learned last  night this particular one has 0 points the tuna will be 2 points as will my dress(total 4) and riley & I will share raw carrots & some cucumbers. I have waters(although Im pretty sure the inn will have tap water, which I am not against drinking) Knowing I will want to eat later on at the reception, my light lunch & my light breakfast will let me do so! For breakfast I have a side of brocolli(0 points) and an egg beater sandwich on nutragrain waffles, with a slice of WW cheese a total of 4 points!!! oh and please dont forget my iced coffe this morning!(remember…it goes without saying! LOL although I may start drinking it black to ensure I get to EAT my points lol

Well, we are just about off waiting for my great friend Dilys to pick us up so hunny & the older 2 can have the van & we dont end up with 2 vehicles at the wedding(hunny is in the wedding too,but doesnt need to be there until the last minute)


oops ps no gym today 🙁 but usually sundays are my day off…I will be going tomorrow!