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What a wacky, wild weekend August 1, 2011

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And, I loved every minute of it. It was great to just get away from the everyday mundane super busy and get to somewhat relax. What was served at meals was out of my hands but how I reacted and what I chose was not and so I went with it and logged every bit of it. Sure I could have passed up the brownie and ice cream that was served with the barbecue dinner on Saturday but I didn’t. I also didn’t sit and fret over the calories and wage a mental battle on it. I went with the flow ate it and moved on.

I received a whole lot of information to the point of information overload but in a good way. Just have to take the time to type up all my notes so I can re-process everything. Besides the hike we took getting to the swimming pool more than made up for those calories I consumed with the brownie and ice cream. It felt good hiking even if I did get a wee bit winded but I held my own and kept up with my three companions. The swimming pool felt absolutely divine and was worth the hike.

I’m down to 304 this morning. Getting closer to being under 300. Planned out my meals last nigh for today other than dinner but still have a crapload of calories leftover for it so I’m not worried. I did over an hour of Wii fit plus last night to burn off over 300 calories. It was some goal I had set up on it to burn off that many some time ago and just never took it back off. Figured now was as good as time as any to do it again.

Other plans for this week:

  • Begin Biggest Loser on the Wii tonight
  • Continue Planning/Logging meals
  • Wii Fit every day even if it’s just the fitness test
  • Search for simple, quick and easy recipes to do once school starts back

Oh, I have found me a mini goal of sorts. These:

Size 24 shorts

They are a pair of Size 24 shorts I bought Summer 2010 and could wear because they wouldn’t fit over my fat thighs. Figured I might as well try and get some use out of them before I shrink down too small. 😀 As hot as it’s been around here, I’m sure we’re going to have hot weather until Christmas so it should be doable.


Out of sorts July 29, 2011

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And I’m feeling a bit out of sorts and frazzled. Why? I have a retreat this weekend. No kids. No husband. Just me and a lot of other girl scout volunteers. It’s going to be a great weekend but I’m just getting started and I don’t feel I’ve planned well. I’m going to just take it in stride and see what comes. I’ve logged my calories for today—what I’ve eaten and what I plan—and am still under by over 400. I’ll be at the mercy of whatever will be planned for the rest of the weekend and will just log as I go as long as I have access to my phone. If not I’ll write it down on paper and put it into the log when I get back.

Also out of sorts because I don’t have the use of my second monitor at work. Oh the horror. Me. Actually admitting I’m lost without it. It took my boss having me kicking and screaming to get the damn thing and I’ve become accustomed to having it that now that I don’t, it’s an adjustment to not have use of it. I can function with out it and it is until just Wednesday. I gave up my cable to it so another coworker could go ahead and have her new computer.

Had to change dinner plans yesterday as well. Had rotisserie chicken instead of the turkey loaf because Dad said no one called him to remind him to put it in the oven. Seriously?!?!? Men. But I adapted, adjusted and logged.

Another day down, another day planned for and looking forward to the weekend. Life is good even if it is out of sorts.


Starting fresh July 28, 2011

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Wow. Yeah. It’s me again and I’ve found my way back…to blogging. I’ve deleted my old blog and started fresh with a new location. Why you ask? Several reasons that all sounded great in my mind at the time. I did export it all and have it for posterity or whatever but the main reason is because I want my blog to be about my health. Yes I know my life has many facets it to it and they overlap at times and they all play a role in said health but I originally started this thing to focus on my health and decided I would bring it back full circle. I might go through some of the older posts and bring them back but I doubt it. What’s the point in starting fresh if I dwell in the past?

Why am I here now? I don’t know would be a good response but it would be a cop out. I enjoy writing. Always have. Always will. I haven’t used this creative outlet in a long time. But it still doesn’t explain why I’m here. Jeff and I have been married for nine years now. Yay!!! When he and I first got married, one of the “stipulations” was that on our 10th anniversary we would renew our wedding vows and I would get my “dream wedding.”

There is now:
Daisypath Wedding tickers

Until that wonderful date. And you know what? I’m still fat. Bigger even than I was on that blessed day 9+ years ago. I don’t want to be fat on the beach next June. I’ve looked at a lot of beautiful wedding dressing and they come in plus size and “normal” size and I asked myself which do I want to have to buy next year? I really don’t want to have to buy the PS one. I found me an App to put on my phone to track my food and exercise and started that last week. Damn I can chow down on some calories but I was honest in tracking them. Sunday evening I just decided to do something. I wasn’t sure what but something.
As I drove to work on Monday figured I’d just do that same damn 3-day diet. Yes, it’s a fad diet and way below my calories I should have but it was better than flying blind and stopping at fast food. I stopped at the grocery store and stocked up for the supplies to get me through those first three days. I modified it so I ate calories that would be closer to the 1600 MFP suggests I eat and finished it yesterday. I also whipped out Wii fit plus—not without the ordeal of finding out it had been so long since we’d even played the Wii that the power wouldn’t come on.
MY PSA FOR THE DAY: If you have a Wii and the power won’t come on, try unplugging it first for about 30 minutes and then plug it into the wall to see if it will power on before going out and buying a new cord. I can’t take credit for this little gem. I found that info on a review on Amazon of a cord I was about to buy for ours that a guy got from a friend.
My 3-day “diet” is over and today is a new day but I have planned. I keep telling myself that Failure to plan is planning to fail. I went to the store yesterday and got a grapefruit for breakfast and a yogurt for snack. I still have some bread and peanut butter for afternoon snack and was going to have a health choice frozen dinner. Have a kid with me at work today so I modified the plan to instead get a McDonald’s salad and have the frozen meal tomorrow. I am still flying blind in what I want to do but I am taking it day by day until I can find something that will work for me. School starts back up in less than two weeks and I’ll have to learn a whole new routine for everyone’s schedules. Day by day is it for me.
Starting Weight: 313 (from doctor’s scale)
Heaviest Weight: 342
Goal Weight: ??? Don’t have one. I’d love to be under 200 at this point

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