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Revelation February 5, 2014

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Yeah it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Guess I’m not doing too well at keeping up with it, but I’m gonna try. As I’m relaxing this morning—reading a book—I realized something. I was thinking about the fact that I’ve lost 16 pounds in one month. When you start out at over 330 pounds, that’s just a small drop in the hat. (5% of my body weight) And then I’m thinking in six months that’s 160 pounds! That would put me at under 180, which is what I weighed starting my senior year in high school.

That can’t be possible. Who does that? Who loses over 150 pounds in less than a year? These are questions rolling through my overactive brain. Then the answer came to me. I CAN! I have been beating myself up about not really putting much effort into exercising and I told myself that I lost 16 pounds just by eating within a set amount of calories and increasing my water intake. Imagine what I could accomplish if I actually put forth a little more effort!

This is probably the first time EVER since I started trying to make healthy changes in my life that it hit me that I can truly do this (and not when I was on that euphoric high of first starting out and had the world in my hands). I have honestly just been going through the motions (but going through them) and I lost 16 pounds (and 3 inches off my waist)!

Yes I know that realistically me losing 16 pounds a month until I get to a healthy weight isn’t all that realistic. It is possible and it’s a goal for me to shoot for but not beat myself up if it doesn’t happen. This is the rest of my life and not a race. The weight will come off, I will gain muscle and I will live the life of a healthy person!


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