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Going steady January 8, 2014

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Yeah, yeah I’m only 3 days in but I’m doing better than I have in times past and that says something. I’m logging my calories, getting in my exercise, trying new foods. Speaking of new foods…OMG Just had some Dannon Light & Fit Greek Raspberry Chocolate yogurt for 80 calories. Yum, yum, yum. Works perfect for when I’ll be craving something sweet.

I haven’t let setbacks that I now call life, hamper my motivation and determination. Yesterday I logged into WOWY to start my workout. I went to the living room to press play and the DVD remote is MIA. I was not a happy camper. I got in a decent workout trying to find the darned thing. I had to wait for the kids to come home and one of them knew right where it was. Last night’s workout I’m sure was a total guilt workout since I’d technically said I performed it that morning. It was worth it even if I did stay up a bit later than I wanted.

Today’s adversity? We have no running water at the moment. I passed a huge gushing water line break this morning taking the kids to school. Luckily I filled up the water pitchers before we lost water a couple of hours ago. So I might stink by tonight but that’s okay. I can always drive out to Mom’s and borrow her shower if need be.

I’ve been to the grocery store and stocked up on snacks and more food to cook. Now to sit down and make a menu for the next week to help keep me on track.


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