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Mechanical Malfunction September 26, 2011

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Yep. That’s what happened this morning when I weighed in. I moved the Wii board from the side to the center of the room and failed to notice one of the legs fell off. I weighed in at 283.8 which would have been a loss of 5.4 pounds and about on par with the way I’ve been losing weight thus far. I had to have quickie weigh in since it’s picture day for the kiddos at school so I wrapped it up and finished getting them ready and headed on to the bus stop to sit and wait. And wait some more. We were about two minutes late getting there and the driver is not known for waiting for us so we waited until 7:05 and went back home. That’s when I noticed the errant leg…sitting beside the board. My mom had also called during this time to tell me the bus passed her house at 7:15. (There’s 10 minutes between our two houses and it takes about 4 minutes to get to the stop and I retrieved the message at 7:17 on my cell. Yeah try doing that math first thing in the morning to decide if we’d make it back to the bus stop in time for the kids to catch the bus or just have Jeff take them to school like we had planned.)

I knew I had one of two options

  • Keep the original 283.8 weight and expect at best a no loss next week or more than likely a gain or
  • Go ahead and put the leg back on and just re-weigh.

I decided I would rather go ahead and re-weigh and know my accurate weight this week since I know I should be expecting Mother Nature’s visit any time in the next week to 10 days. Besides I had an awesome NSV this morning. I met my one little goal I set and that was to fit into those hot pink shorts I bought two years ago!

This is me in my hot pink shorts. Weight: 286.8. Total Loss: 57.2 pounds!