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Potluck September 21, 2011

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That one word has never struck such fear and loathing in me before. It has now. It’s also brought out my inner toddler who wants to throw a temper tantrum and say “I don’t wanna do it!” We are having a birthday dinner celebration for a coworker tomorrow and the original plan was to grill out and either chip in with a few bucks to help with the cost of the meat or bring your own to grill out. Perfect! I was gonna stop at the store and pick up a morning star turkey burger and bring my 100 calorie Sara Lee bun and have some Special K Cracker Crisps. Nice meal. Well managed calories. No biggie. But wait. The plans got changed and the cursed word potluck got thrown out there.

They don’t want to grill out since we are still under a burn ban. Technically we can grill out since the location is on concrete & well within the boundaries of being away from flammable vegetation.

There are several reason why a potluck sounds horrible to me right now.

  1. You can never get a decent calorie count for one since you don’t know how everyone prepares their food.
  2. The foods people are bringing are calorie and fat laden foods that just don’t sound good to  me right now. A couple of months ago I would’ve been all over a potluck and been signing up for at least two dishes to bring.
  3. After the Race on Saturday I had not one but two lunches—one at Olive Garden and one at Lonestar Steakhouse—and then had another basic potluck for a friend’s birthday that used up all those calories I burned. I skipped all the appetizers and dressing soaked salad at the Garden and passed on the yummy looking cake.
  4. It just plain costs a lot to participate—both in time and money. You have to buy the ingredients for whatever you are making and then make the crap after dinner. We’ve already bought groceries for the week and have nothing left over to buy on anything else.

If I don’t participate then I’m not being a team player and if I do then I’m either skimping on calories elsewhere or working my ass off to burn off said calories. Can you tell my inner toddler has really been having fun since yesterday afternoon? I got home and checked out the fridge and pantry. We have a large bag of broccoli and some cheese and could bring broccoli and cheese but someone is already bringing the nice fattening broccoli cheese casserole. There really is nothing else left. So Jeff and I rearranged our menu planning and I’m going to be bringing the Easy Beef Goulash we had planned for Thursday’s dinner. We are bringing in the Southwestern Chicken Roll ups that weren’t made the week before into its slot.

For me, it’s all about the planning. There is plenty of notice for planning this potluck out. And I did have it planned out. Then I had to change it all up again and it pissed me off. I don’t want a 1000 calorie lunch this week. And that’s what a potluck is to least at this point in my life. I know this is a lifestyle change and it’s all about adapting my choices while still living my life. So my choice for tomorrow will be to eat my portion of goulash I had planned for dinner & some veggies.


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  1. janeemosher Says:

    you’re doing great. i understand the budget/time/diet triangle. my daughter and i are living on her VA benefits and my 500 allotment per month. we budget all our food both for diet and finances. it’s do-able but it’s not too fun. we are marching around our living room during wheel of fortune and jeopardy in the evenings and we are getting cast off vegetables from a friend who gets crates of produce from a store for his pig farm. he gives us a crate or two every few days that are in the best condition. sounds awful, but the store throws away so much produce that is still in good shape. yesterday i filled 2 gallon ziplocks, one with sliced onions and one with sliced red bell peppers. washed, cleaned, trimmed and sliced. they are in the freezer now awaiting cooking. if you look at my menu you can see i’ve used peppers and onions in my past 2 day’s menus..LOL. we have birthdays this week, too. i’m supposed to bake a cake for my daughter’s birthday – sigh – chocolate. it’s ok. but i feel your pain. pot lucks and COSTCO snacks… ugh! you can do it, i have every confidence that you can – and your planning is fabulous! good luck, let us know how you do! 🙂

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