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754 September 5, 2011

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That’s my number for the Race. It came in the mail Saturday. Guess it makes it that much more real. Less than two weeks now and I’m still having stamina issues. I did c25k w2d3 this morning and about got dehydrated. I made it through the 4th jogging set and realized that I wasn’t sweating. I was drinking water in the walking sets but I guess it wasn’t enough.
Had one of the kids bring me my G2 and I walked the rest. Came inside with a cool rag and started sweating and feeling better. Tonight I’m going to walk two miles or at least see how far I can go. I need to make sure I can at least WALK that far if I’m not going to be able to jog it. I haven’t been exercising like I should. I KNOW I NEED to exercise and I do have the TIME to do it. I just don’t. It’s something to work on.
Now for the good news…after the 3 pound gain from last week, I lost it along with almost 6 of it’s friends! Down to 290.6 this morning! Sure shocked me. I finished my wii fit routine and had to go into the graphs to actually get the weight because I was sure I read that number wrong. But nope. I read it right. Just goes to show you to work through it no matter what and I was right not giving up on myself!


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