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Stress upon stress upon stress August 12, 2011

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Even though stress is becoming the main focus detractor, hell I don’t know the word right now but it’s hot and heavy right now. I don’t even know where to begin but by saying that I’ve been eating under my calories and logging…for the most part. The mini vaca went well and I could’ve easily gone way off track and had it been any longer, I probably would have.

By Sunday, I stopped logging all together and started eating crappy. Got home. Refocused and got back on track. Then it was time to get the kids ready for school, meet the teachers, have storms knock out power to work, get the kids to school, have storms knock out power and water to work so I could stay home from work one day only to come in to work today to find out about my insurance situation.

In all this I haven’t turned to food! I haven’t exactly eaten the best possible choices and I’m not exercising but it is a start. Now that the first couple days of school are out of the way and the first weekend is here, I can sit down and write out a new schedule and get me in a groove.