6 miler today

I did a 6 mile run but I feel so bloated.  I want to feel all trim and sleek but I just feel fat.  I hate that feeling.  My stomach protruding out.  I feel like the fattest runner on the planet and it’s so hard when you are surrounded by thin little runners that probably eat a lot more than I do.  I’m headed to a doc on Wednesday that might help figure out what’s going on.  At least my ankle is holding up.  It hurt the last mile or so but not so bad that I had to stop.

Set back and the frozen yogurt binge

Im disappointed in myself today after going off plan this weekend. I binged on some Rollo’s that I bought to make a dessert for a group I go to even though I didn’t binge on the dessert. My daughter even called me on it which makes the guilt just as bad because she knows I shouldn’t eat like that. I also took her to frozen yogurt and then went with my boyfriend at a different time. I felt aweful but was still happy I went chocolate free and just had fruit on it. I feel heavier today, I feel like I am making no progress like 1 step forward 2 steps back. Back on plan today, ready to hang in there again.


Race over the weekend – Down 5 pounds

I did a little local 5k over the weekend that was fun. Not the first race of the season but felt good. I had a hard time swimming on Tuesday but today was good. I felt good and got some mileage in. The instructor said I looked great.

On Wednesday I went in for a weigh in. I was down by 5 pounds but it didn’t feel like it was going to stay like that since the last weigh in I was back up 11 from the 10 I lost the week before. Ugh. So I will wait to next week to really believe it. I am drinking this drink Dr. Oz said would rev up my metabolism. It’s grapefruit juice, apple cider vinigar and honey. It’s not bad but I think it makes me feel like I am doing something good for myself. I’ll try to keep it up for a month or so and see if I see any results.

Weigh In

After two days of heavy work out I decided to go in today for my weigh in. I lost 5 pounds. I should be happy I guess but I don’t know if I should believe it since last time I lost 10 and then it came back the next weigh in. I’m going to reserve the excitement until next week but stay on track.

On Monday, I biked over 12 miles then jumped off and ran for 5.25. It was intense but I’m glad I did it. Exhausting!

Had a run, feeling better

I did a little run today that felt good.  It felt like I got some toxins or maybe those were just frustrations out.  But I felt better.  Tonight is my swim so I am looking forward to that too.  It will be good to just work out hard.  I’ve stayed on plan all day so that felt good as well.  Day 1 – I am not going to deviate from the plan today!  One day at a time.

Huge Setback

I had my weigh in last night and it was a huge disappointment. I gained back all the weight I previously lost plus a pound. I am so discouraged that I want to cry. Trying so hard to stay strong and get back on it. But I can’t help but think what got me there. It’s okay, today is a new day, just keep on going and recommit to being even more on plan.

My inspiration for today:
“Dont look back, you are not going that way”

Day 1 Work out 2

I swam last night for 2000 meters! I would have never dreamed I could go that far. Over a mile, well over at that. But I pushed myself and did it! That made over 2 hours of exercise yesterday. I broke down after swimming and had some bread. I feel like after all that water I need some bread to soak it up. It just feels good, but I guess as I type that I realize what feels good is what got me in this shape to begin with.

Tonight is my weigh in. I only do it every two weeks and as always I am very nervous. I noticed last night, I feel slimmer but I am just so nervous that it won’t show on the scale.

Today’s plan is a bike ride around the “loop” which is about 13 miles. It takes me a bit over an hour but today I am going to try to pick up the pace. I got a new bike a week and a half ago and I am working on getting used to the handle bars and clips. Last time I fell on the clips so today’s goal is to increase speed but not fall. It was NOT fun.

Day 1 workout, part 1

I did my hour run this morning but it was extremely hard. I think I didn’t take in enough calories. It is very difficult to loose weight while training. I even had a medifast diet coach say that I should stop training or not do medifast. Well they are gone now because that is NOT an option for me. I’m happily on Wonderslim now but still need to adjust and I haven’t quite figured it all out yet.

First Post

So here I am, day 1 of weight loss blogging.  Today’s goals, eat on plan and also run for an hour.  I also have a 1 hour swim tonight, yikes.  That is a lot for one day but I am looking at doing a tri in just 1 month!  Yikes.  I am so not ready.  I just want to finish, that is my first goal.  I can always do better.  And fun with the first, is it’s always a PR.