Week 11 ends: -23lbs!

10lbs to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am really hoping to be there by November 17th for my trip to TN for Thanksgiving. That is only 7 weeks away! I have to step up to the plate here, I am hoping to sneak it in!

I have to admit, the past two weeks I have been sneaking in minor cheats here and there. Minor because they are allowed foods, cheat because it would put my limits over. For instance, I have been picking at beef jerky all week and picking at veggies throughout the day. I have been working out more…kickboxing, etc. I do try to have an extra restricted within 20 minutes…yet I still pick on the others. I also have been going a little MIO crazy. Last week I thought I could have unlimited. Turns out, my coach recommends no more than 2 per day and that is probably why my weight loss slowed.

But back to happiness. I started out as a size 10/12 jeans. Now I am a loose 6! People have been really noticing now. I have a lot of comments on my face and neck area (as expected, as I always had a big arse). Haha, skinny jeans will never be for me though!!!

There you have it. A good rant for the week! 🙂

Day 76: -22.4lbs, 3 cheats and bad PMS

I have been a crabby patty this week and have had bad cramps. So….I know I cheated three times.

1. I drank 2 diet coke/Captain Morgan’s on Saturday

2. I drank 1 diet coke/Captain Morgan on Sunday

3. On Sunday I drank a medium Dunkin Donut Pumpkin Spice coffee with skim not realizing that the flavor was syrup shots rather than like the vanilla where the beans are coated. I looked up the nutrition (35g carbs, 34g sugar…yikes!)

So I have have since Sunday to do right. My past WI#10 was Saturday and my next WI is Sunday. I have been 100% OP since and have gone to the gym, drank all my water and then some, and have been taking extra walks.

Last night my husband said that since I have been on IP I have been uptight and moody. Im sure not drinking alcohol anymore and being carb deprived has something to do with it. The good news is that I am down 22.4 pounds and counting. I am going to continue IP until Thanksgiving and see where I am at. Hopefully down 10 pounds. That is 8 weeks.

My new favorite food items has been making pancakes out of the drink mixes, potato pancakes with zuchinni with IP potato puree, and pizza dough made from IP tomato basil soup.

Day 68: Im 21lbs skinnier and hungry :-)

Week 9 was tough. I started going back to the gym and as a result am hungry all the time. I have been trying to slip in a protein shake or IP unrestricted within an hour of leaving the gym…but 10am is when I want to stuff my face…especially sweets.

I was worried I had gone out of ketosis. Others on the message boards said that sometimes we are hungry before a big “whoosh”, urban legend? Well, I managed to lose 2.4lbs…so I guess a whoosh is was!

I have 12lbs until goal. Hoping for 6 weeks. For my sanity and my pocketbook.

Again, week 10 is another week of hunger and I am coming up on TOM.  I have not been measuring my meats and have been picking at meat when hunger was driving me to insanity. Could be worse I guess.

I have been drinking all of my water, no cheats except some meat eating, and I have been making it to the gym 3x per week.

60 Days and 19 lbs lighter

Despite 1.5 alcoholic beverages and an oily lebanese meal, I am officially down another 1.4lbs this week! Yay!!!! That makes 19 pounds total and only 14 more to go. If I lose 1.5lbs for the next 9 weeks, I should be good! Easy breezy.

I would be ridiculously happy to be at goal for Thanksgiving! I am heading to TN and will be seeing some good friends and visiting my brother. I would feel so great to be rewarded with a few new outfits and a mini vaca.

I did eat a little cheese over the weekend. Not much, just a bit of cream cheese that was mixed into buffalo chicken dip. I had maybe 1/4 cup on celery sticks. I have to say my tummy was not happy at all last night.

Here are my goals for the week:

  • Drink ALL my water before leaving work: 70oz
  • no more alcohol. period
  • Two days of kickboxing and two days of alternate. I do pay for a gym
  • no fatty meats such as sausage or other mystery meat

Day 56: Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater

…actually it was a Diet Coke/Captain Morgan pre-bottled drink. And it was because I could not refuse a drink from Zac Brown of the Zac Brown Band. Long story…but hopefully the scale won’t be mad at me at my next weigh in.

I did take my first vaca over Labor Day weekend and i was 100% OP. Yay! I probably ate a bit more protein because I did not have a scale and lobster probably varies.

But all is well and my WI on Saturday will tell all!

Day 50: WI#7 -3lbs and I can’t complain

TOM held me back but the results are in. After no weight loss last week, TOM and massive amounts of water…I am down 3lbs as of this morning’s EARLY WI#7. 1 day earlier than usual due to this holiday weekend and traveling to Cape Cod.

I am officially 140.8, which is 17.6lbs

I am heading to a beach house rental in Cape Cod this weekend with family. I am going to be 100% OP and here is the list of food I am bringing (Sat-Mon)


  • 5am departure: coffee and IP bar
  • Breakfast: water and egg white omelet with veggies (eating out with parents)
  • Lunch: IP blended shake, spinach salad, cucumber and pepper (pre made) with WF dressing
  • Dinner: if eat in-curry cauliflower and tofu, if out 8oz protein 2 cups veggies
  • Breakfast: IP Herb and Cheese Omelet and coffee
  • Lunch: pre-made salad and IP restricted (IP bar?)
  • Dinner: bok choy and shrimp stir fry or eat out?
  • Snack: IP restricted
  • Breakfast: coffee and herb and cheese omelet
  • Lunch: salad and IP shake
  • Dinner: 8oz protein and 2 cups veggies
  • Snack: IP restricted
I’ll pack extra shakes just in case…updates to follow!!!!

    Day 47: still 15lbs down

    I am 5 days into week 7 and times are getting tough. The weight loss is slow (but should I really complain that I am ONLY losing ~1.5lbs a week? NO! You cant do that on weight watchers.  I am starting to crave alcohol big time. I have been really tired and I am sure it is because I am not taking my vitamins properly at all.

    Doing some math in my head…let’s say at the worst I am down 1lb per week. With 18.8lbs to go, I would be at goal weight by XMAS! Ahh. I need to step it up a notch and exercise or something because I need to be done by Thanksgiving…just a personal goal.

    TOM messed with my brain this month. I weighed exactly the same at WI#6 and I was ~10 days late. Oh well..

    Day 42: TOM troubles

    ..meaning: TOM has decided not to come at all this month. I took two tests to verify I am not prego. But I laugh to think that if I am, that I would end up on that “I Didnt Know I Was Pregnant” TLC show and have a toilet baby. Hahaha

    I have been busy at work, and weight loss has been slow going this week.

    142lbs yesterday, 146lbs today…WTF?!?!?

    WI#6 tomorrow …I cant even imagine what the scale will say

    I am still 100% with the plan with no cheats. I still have trouble drinking enough water and I could probably be better about measuring veggies. I keep forgetting to ask coach if it is OK to weigh veggies since 2 cups of spinach does not have the same density as 2 cups of turnips.

    I have been loving making chocolate fraps in the morning with coffee, coconut extract and WF choc and straw syrups. It is the closest thing to resembling an ice cream sundae…a melty one. Haha. I added 1.5 cups of romaine last night to my choc frap and it really brought the volume up. I need to remember to load up on spinach at the grocery store.

    Besides the diet stuff, I really need to be more proactive about “working out”.

    Day 33: ~$50 per pound lost

    Lucky number 33. In elementary school I had a crush on a guy who’s house number was 33. And as creeperish as that sounds, it stuck with me.

    Phase 1, Week 5, Day 5. I snuck a peek at the scale this morning and am in the 143 range…WEDDING WEIGHT and 15lbs since the beginning of my IP journey. I have spent ~$50/pound. This sort of expense makes you stay committed.

    I remember a month before my wedding saying to someone, “most people lose weight before their wedding, and I have just been gaining”. I wasn’t stressed, I was just in a happy place. I would have described my eating as “keeping up with the boys”; high in carbs and a few beers a night.

    So anyways, my menu today is rather boring

    Breakfast: Herb and Cheese omelet, 10oz coffee with skim

    Lunch: wild berry shake and 1 cup cucumber and 1 cup cauliflower

    Snack: Cheddar ridges

    Dinner: Stuffed peppers with ground chicken (still investigating a recipe). Otherwise it will be a southwest stir fry

    Day 31: WI#4, I lost!!!!!!!!

    Somehow I lost 1.4lbs….a sneaky weight loss just in the nick of time before WI#4.  This is wonderful news as I was having a craptastic no budging scale of a week. You know the story, you probably read it. I got called out for eating kielbasa at my WI…lol

    Today is Week 5, day 3

    A bit of a rough start as I ate out once Friday, once Saturday and twice yesterday (Sunday).


    • I ended the day with lots of water and a small garden salad with bland grilled chicken.

    Saturday (happy WI#4 day -1.4lbs)

    • breakfast: mochaccino shake (cappucino drink and 8oz coffee)
    • lunch out: lettuce, cucumber, roasted red pepper, olive (oops) salad with 4 balsamic grilled shrimp (nono balsamic) with EVOO/vinegar—i was super limited in my options
    • snack: IP chocolate something bar
    • dinner: 2 cups rhubarb/WF strawberry syrup AND roasted chicken
    • **way too much diet coke and way too little water


    • breakfast out: egg white omelet with 1oz lox and spinach, 2 slices bacon, 8oz iced tea
    • lunch: 3 IP maple/choc pancake restricted muffins with WF chocolate syrup drizzled (+1 egg white in mix), 1/2 cup pickles
    • snack: strawberry pudding (icky…warm and grainy)
    • dinner out: 6.5 oz beef tenderloin and 1.5cups raw red peppers and steamed broccoli
    • lots of water and caffeine free iced tea

    Today’s mission is LOTSSSSS of H20 and be 1000000% OP. I snuck a peek at the scale…144. Hmmm may surpass that wedding weight this week (143LBS)!

    IP MAPLE OATMEAL/CHOCOLATE PANCAKE MUFFIN (6 muffins,  serving size: 3 muffins=1 restricted packet)

    1 IP packet maple oatmeal

    1 IP packet chocolate pancake

    1 egg white

    1 tspn baking powder

    8oz water or enough to be a “batter” like consistency

    mix above contents, split evenly among regular size muffin tray (for 6 muffins total). use PAM or paper muffin holders as they stick to pan…bake for ~12 minutes at 350 degrees. Drizzle WH chocolate syrup on them when ready to eat. They look better with the chocolate drizzle..but seriously it satisfies that carbo craving.

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