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So, according to Shawn T’s Insanity Elite Nutrition Guide (Beachbody), there was a study in the 1990’s that “found that a small amount of protein could be piggybaked by sugar and further enhance the effects of glycogen recharge. …. the optimal ration, approximately 4 parts carbohydrates to 1 part protein, with very little to no fat, showed a 26% improvement over sugar alone and up to a 400% improvement over not recharging depleted glycogen stores”… Since his nutrition guide does not site its source, we will go with a “They Say”…. the mysterious “They” that tell us what nutrition and exercise are good for us.

What’s my point, well more and more I read and hear about “recovery drinks”… something to take post workout to help your body replenish nutrients lost during exercise. Help speed the muslce recovery process, muscle building process, etc. For body builders alot of these include suppliments like creatine to make you “bigger”. But the reality is, the body needs more post workout than just plain water. But alot of said “recovery drinks” cost $$… and who wants to spend money if you can do it on your own.

If I take Shawn T’s advice from the mysterious “they”…. a great recovery drink would be a good large glass of Chocolate Milk. Who doesn’t love chocolate milk!

1, 12oz glass of fat free skim milk and 2 tablespoons of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup contains 230 Calories, 42g carbohydrates and 14g of protein. Ok, so the ratio comes out to 3:1 not 4:1, but that is “Close” to 4:1 ration. Make it with a bit more than 2tbs of Chocolate syrup and you got yourself a great recovery drink from items in your own home. The milk also contains a good source of potassium and sodium to help replenish what was lost in sweat during your workout as well as calcium and vitamin D for building strong bones.

Some further research on the subject of recovery drinks –



and finally, one that has “sources”


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Down 2lbs. and trying to stay focused. I’ve made an effort to pack lunch for work, bring workout clothes to hit the gym on my lunch hour instead of the restaurants with the coworkers. Yesterday I was able to walk/run 5 miles then did an insanity video. Unfortunatley my knees are talking to me and telling me how old I am, so the Insanity video was done at 50% (if that). But something is better than nothing and as the weight comes off the strain on the knees reduces and the pain will subside.

Today I thought I would post about my goals, I would like to lose at least 15lbs in 8 weeks. (healthy range) would like to push for 20. ūüôā That is “bikini” time – vacation. To work towards this, I have started a 60 day insanity challenge. Working out with the Insanity videos and watching my food intake. (counting calories so to speak)

Additionally, my fitness goal is to compete in a half marathon this fall. That certainly requires at least 20lbs gone, just so I can actually run the whole thing and possibly at a respectible speed. Right now, at my current weight I can run a 5k, but it is slow… (under 5mph). Someone recently said to me that for every 10lbs you lose you can shave a min off your mile run times. Well, I have probably 3 I need shave off to be at a respectible speed.

I am currently doing a 10k training program to get myself to the point of running a 10k without stopping. Once I get to that point I will start training a 10k to 1/2.

And of course, I will end with my new motto.

Losing weight is 30% exercise, 70% diet.

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I have done the insanity videos in the past. They are a good tough workout. But they take dedication. As I sit and watch the infomercial today, I find it so inspiring. Here I just finished a 6 mile walk with friends and as I’m chilling on the couch trying to motivate myself to wash the floors, the infomercial makes me want to go pop a video in and do a workout.

It is time to revisit Insanity. What can I accomplish in 60 days?

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Wow, It has been 2 years since I started this blog, and two years since I made an entry. I can sadly also report that it has been two years of the same yoyo juggle of my weight. Currently I’m on an upswing… Last week I hit my all time ever max weight – including post-pregnancy. (I weigh more than I did when I came home after having my son – 18yrs ago). So, I’m at it again. Thankfully down 4lbs since last week’s high. I don’t ever want to see that weight again. Actually, I don’t ever want to see this weight again.

So – I will make another effort at this blogging effort.

This week my goals are to work out every day. Mostly cardio, just to get back into the swing of things. I downloaded a couch to 10k app for my droid, since I can run a 5k, I’m starting out several weeks into the program. I am setting a goal for myself to be able to run in a 1/2 marathon by October 2012. That is 4 months. I need to lose at least 20lbs before I do a run like that too – just so I can get my times into a non-embarrassing state.

My eating is going to be low cal. calories in vs calories out.

I recently saw a post on facebook that has become my new motto

Weight loss is 30% exercise and 70% diet.

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I had a decent weekend.¬† The plus side is, the scale was sitting at 149 this am when I got up.¬† Same place it was¬†Sat and Sun mornings.¬† So, no gain this weekend.¬† No loss either, which is a bummer, but not having a gain is a step in the right direction.¬†¬† By the time I’d worked out (drank/sweat) showered, rested, gone to the bathroom (both) and weighed again it was down to 148.6.¬† Its a start.¬†

My food this weekend was pretty good.  Hubby and I did go out to sweet tomatoes on Friday night and although I behaved at the salad bar, I did have their cobbler with a bit of icecream.  I could feel the bloating by the time I got home.  Woke up Sat am to bloating and tummy issues and the increase on the scale.

Sunday was diving day.¬† We had 2 dives – one at 70′ for 1hr and the other at 30′ for 1hr.¬† The deeper dive was a workout, but the shallow dive wasn’t a super strenuous workout.¬†

This morning I got up and met my workout partner for a workout.¬† I’m tired still from the boating and diving.¬† Sunburned and just exhausted from the weekend I really couldn’t push myself hard for the workout.¬† I can’t sprint and the workout for today was to sprint up 3 levels of a parking garage then back down – 4times.¬† Followed by suicide sprints across the top of the garage – 3 distances – 4 times.¬† My sprint was nonexistent.¬†

When I got home, I showered then layed back down and took a 45min nap before getting up.¬† I was soooo tired.¬† I feel like I should go workout again tonight, but I’m also rather tired, so I think I’ll rest.


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Day one of my blog.¬† I’m not a blogger, so we’ll see how this goes.¬†¬† I don’t really know what to write about.

This morning I took some before photos (even though technically I’ve been doing this for 3 weeks and have lost 4lbs).¬† Tonight, I will do my measurements too and start tracking all of this again.

I guess I’ll start with my story.¬†

I grew up a skinny kid – 5′ 1″ tall and 110lbs at my heaviest thru my teens and early twenties.¬† Married at 19, and had my first kid at 22.¬† My heaviest recorded weight while pregnant was 169lbs.¬† After having my son I was 155 for a long time and wearing size 12’s.¬† When he was 3 I divorced and discovered the divorce stress diet.¬† I did not own a scale at the time, but I lost weight down to being in a size 4 – 6.¬† I’m guessing I was in the 120’s.¬† I also discovered that I had grown 3″ and 2 shoe sizes during pregnancy as I was then 5’4 and wear a size 7.5 shoe.¬† Hormones do mysterious things.

Then, in 1998, at the age of 26 I met my current husband.¬† Over the course of the first 6 months or so of being with him I slowly gained weight thru that first summer.¬† Technically I was a single mom to a 4yr old.¬†¬†¬†I worked full time, I was also going to college at night to finish my degree and I had a budding new relationship.¬† When I went to put my pants on the next fall, I found they wouldn’t fit over my thighs.¬† I’d gained weight.

I was never a super active sporty person and during my first marriage, I never exercised.¬† By my current hubby is very physically active and we really enjoy doing active things together.¬† So, I picked up bike riding.¬†¬† I remember my first ride¬†with my¬†hubby, he’d gotten me some bike shorts for my birthday and we went for a ride along the beach.¬† I overheated and was sick for 2 days afterwards.¬† And I think it was only a 7 mile ride.¬†¬† (now adays that¬†barely a warmup ride for me).

I became active in a usenet newsgroup for dieting in 99.  I started my weight loss journey then at 138lbs.  I felt huge then.  My first goal was 134, then to stay under 130.    I got there thru some hard work, and then I started with weight training and maintenance.  I would go thru 6 week series of low carb, high protein, heavy weights in order to bulk up 5lbs, then I would go on weight loss mode to and cut the cals to lose the 5lbs.  All in an effort to gain muscle and lose fat.  I maintained that 128 Р132 range for several years. 

Hubby and I officially tied the knot 6.5 yrs ago in 2004.¬† Somewhere along the say, over the past 6 yrs since I have been married the weight slowly crept back on.¬† The usenet group died away, life got busy and I remember getting up to about 140 but not feeling all that heavy.¬† I still fit into size 6 pants.¬† Then 140 turned into 150 and I knew I had to do something.¬†¬† For at least the past 2 – 3 yrs I’ve been yo-yoing in the 142 – 150 range.¬† I work to get down to 142, but get stuck, give up and gain it back.

So, here I am, back to square one.  Back to figuring out how to eat and how to lose weight.  Back to working out very hard as much as I can every week and eating light.  Back to trying to get back to that goal of under 130. 

I’m technically back to the weight I was after I had my son.¬†¬† But I’ve never felt fatter in my life.¬†

I’m going to journal my food and track my exercise.¬† And I will likely need the most encouragement and help to get past that 142 hurdle.¬†

The journey begins here!


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