Here I Go Again…To The Fabulous Me!

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I’M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAT BEWARE!

This feels so weird. I haven’t been on this since 2011. I have made a Resolution though….not on New Year’s but now to really do this-write down and take accountability for my life. I have been thinking on this for months…when I was disgusted with my self for eating fast food every night..when I was buying my lunch out of a cooler at work…eating the leftover fast food for breakfast…BUT IT STARTS NOW! I am going to do this for me…not my Sister’s wedding in October…not for any man I have yet to meet…not for my judgmental grandma who would hit my hand if I went for seconds…but for me. So when I look into a mirror I see who I really am…not just the results of my flaws.

I know this is going to be hard. I have been dragging my feet for the last couple years saying, “oh, I don’t know how to cook or what to cook,” “I need to research this more,” “oh, I should wait like all the programs say to get my doctor’s permission before I start exercising,” or “I’m too tired. I’ll start tomorrow.” Well, NO MORE!!!

This blog will be my coach, my diary, my adherence, to this goal of being fit, of losing the bad weight, of finally fitting in my skin as I want to. I am buckling down as there is no time to waste, as I have done for the first 25 years of my life. I am turning 26 in six months and I want to have the life of a 20-something person, instead of a antisocial shut-in who only leaves the house because she has to earn money to live. I already have so many regrets about not living that I am done with them. Whether its YOLO or FOMO or whatever I am going to start now.

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On June 7, 2014
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