Ireland, life, and a break

celticharpie on Mar 1st 2013 05:58 pm

It’s been a few months since I logged in.  After hitting ONEderland, I ran smack dab into the holidays, and more importantly, the darkness of the morning.  I managed to run a bit over Christmas, because I was in Arizona.  However, back home it has been too dark in the mornings and too cold for me to run.  But I sort of expected this to happen.

My initial goal was to lose 40 lbs by my fortieth birthday.  This didn’t happen, and that’s ok.  I really needed a break after four months of hard work and dieting.  For my birthday, I went to my favorite place in the world:  Ireland.  Spent 10 days there immersed in music.  Had the most amazing musical moments of my life singing and playing harp in a couple of wonderful pubs.  Spent time with friends that I’d known for years.  In truth, there is no place on earth I feel more at home than in Ireland.  After I lose this weight and finish my graduate degree, I will be plotting and planning how to move there.

So I wasn’t down 40 lbs.  Who cares.  I was told I sound Irish when I sing, and that I’ve a gorgeous voice.  I had trad players tell me I’m f’ing brilliant.

Now the good news:  even though I’ve been wildly off my plan and exercise, I only gained about 3 lbs back.  Today is the beginning of another diet challenge with my group.  Today I started at: 202.4.  Not too bad.

Today I also got news that my band has a gig in a pub for St. Pat’s.

It is a good day, friends.

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