After last night rain/thunder storm it’s cold today. brrrr. We had a cold front push through afterwards

Good news is that my bff who moved to Utah is coming back to Arkansas on Christmas Eve. We’re making plans to visit on the 29th. I have to work the holidays. I’m going for my b12 injection on that day. She has an apartment already.

Praying that she has safe travels.

Last day of vacation

Sigh, I’m disappointed that this is my last day of vacation. It’s back to work tomorrow.

My aunt called this afternoon. Another aunt is in the hospital with pneumonia in both lungs. It doesn’t look good.

I got my dvd the Power Ab Blast from the Biggest Loser. I have looked at it yet but I will. I need variation in my work out routine.

I bought a Rival 16 quart roasting oven for myself for Christmas. My fridge and stove are about gone. My fridge is making the most awful noise. I’m thinking that the compressor is going. I’ll wait to call the land lord when it goes completely out. It’s 45 years old and needs to be replaced. I have chicken breast roasting in it now. It smells so good. I checked the chicken with a meat thermometer but not done completely. It needs to be a bit more brown for me.

Texted to my bff in Utah last night. She has decided to come back to Arkansas where she belongs. She sounds unhappy.

Nothing Much

There’s not anything to write about today.

Food has been good

2 more days of freedom

I have two more days of freedom before I go back to work. I’m so looking forward to retiring in 2.5 years.

An ex male friend stopped by today. He wants a relationship again but I do not want to go there. I told him that today, after he hinted.

These places that the dermatologist burned off last week are really sore. Some looked red.

My gf’s and I ate lunch together today. We at pizza. and I limited my amount to three slices. Ooops I forgot to log in the 2 cinnamon sticks.

Calories for today came to 1912 without the cinnamon sticks. This is under the 2000 calorie limit I set for myself. I’m not in this to lose weight but to eat healthier. Weight loss is optional for now. Burned 334 calories during my 30 minute bike ride of 7 miles at 14-15 miles per hour. Total calories for the day was 1578. I can handle that. Also did 15 minutes of Pilates. I’m pleased with myself for having built up my stamina to do this.

Life goes on

Haven’t done much of anything today. I did go visit with a friend. So tonight I’ll do Christmas cards.

I need to get back in the groove of getting up at 5.30 a.m. for my work day on Sunday.

I’ve done well with out the grazing this week. Think most of that is due to nerves.

I’ve logged my food at 2,440 calories. I knew I had been going over my calorie limit. I also rode the bike for 30 minutes/7 miles to burn 334 calories. Total calories for the day 2,100 calories. I’ve allotted 2,000 calories for my limit so that’s not bad. I should lower that number but not right now. My metabolism is to out of whack for that right now. I’m going for inches.
Tomorrow I need to get stamps to mail my Christmas cards. I did get those addressed. Next year I’m printing out the labels from the computer. My hand writing/printing is awful.

A slothful day

It’s been a slothful day but hey I’m on vacation. It also rained today and I took a much needed nap.

Food has not been great today. Went to MCD’s for breakfast cause I was hungry for pancakes. I got the big breakfast. I ate lunch around noon which was the rest of last night’s pizza. Tomorrow I’m getting back on track with the food. My body feels much better when I eat healthy.

My neighbor came and cleaned for me today. The apartment looks so nice. Tonight I’ve put out a few decorations. I have a small fiber optic tree that operates on batteries. A couple of small stockings, my Santa and a couple of Christmas mice. Think I’ll do my Christmas cards tomorrow. I’m always late in getting those in the mail.

I’ve exercised tonight also. I rode the bike for 20 minutes and did 15-20 minutes of pilates. I’m going to push myself tomorrow and ride the bike for 30 minutes.

a beautiful december day

I’m glad that this is my vacation week. It was a beautiful day and I wanted to get outside. So that’s what I did. I started to rake the leaves but got out the lawn mower and mulched them. The lawn looks so much better. I do have some leaves to the curb though.

While I was mowing the girls down the street stopped by to ask me if I could take them uptown. They wanted to go then. I told them I was going to finish the leaves and then rest an hour. They went some where to ask but soon came back. One asked me if I was resting and I said yes. They sat there for a few minutes and then said they would be back in an hour. I explained to them that I was on vacation and that this week was for me and me alone. If they come back anytime this week I’m telling them I’m not accepting visitors.

The week end

Drove over to eat lunch with my uncles. One uncle couldn’t make it due to a pulled hamstring. He was at church this morning.

After lunch yesterday my aunt and I went to Belks. I found a couple of tops I liked but my body shape is not good for any type of clothes. I did try them on and didn’t purchase on a whim so that was a good thing for me.

Today after church my aunt, uncle and I went to the Dixie CafĂ©. I ordered a grilled chicken breast, black eyed peas and a salad. I had one roll. After we ate my aunt and I went to Walgreen’s. I looked for the lotion that the dermatologist advised me to get and they had it. It’s expensive at $17.00 per 8 ounces but if it does the job on my extremely dry skin I’ll start buying it.

On the way home I stopped by Dairy Queen and bought a cheese burger meal, but to me it wasn’t good reheated in the microwave.

I saw a new product on tv that I’d like to try. It’s called the Ninja. It cooks like an oven but looks like a crock pot.

I’m on vacation this week. I’ve got tomorrow planned but not sure what the rest of the week will bring.

My neighbor sent me a text and asked about cleaning the house. I feel like she’s nudging her way back to twice a month. She only cleaned it a couple of weeks ago. Since it’s December and Christmas is around the corner I said she could clean. I’ve got to stay focused and not let people con me into things I don’t want to do. That will be my goal for December.

A good day

Made my appointment to the dermatology office today. Took back some sweaters to JCP and then got my hair cut also at JCP. I saw another sweater that I like today but didn’t have time to really shop. I needed to get back to pick up my check.

I’ve calmed myself down from yesterday. From now on I’ll spell I out to a t if I have to. It’s my vacation I will not work.

Upset with self

I’m more upset with myself for not saying no than I am with the thought of actually working Friday. My co-worker always manages to screw up my plans. I left her a note today stating that I’m on vacation and I will not be back until 12-9-12. It’s out of the goodness of my heart that I’m doing this. She doesn’t do it for me. I will not work on a two day notice from here on out. She came up here to fill out her vacation day sheet but I did not feel like chit chatting. I was down stairs cleaning

Have an appointment in the morning with the dermatogist. This appointment had to be moved up due to my co-worker wanting off that day in September. No more especially where my appoints are concerned. I’m done with her.

Food has been better today. I should eat more at main meals. Still no exercise except for the intermittant walking that I do at work. I forgot to wear my pedometer today, but yesterday’s total was 11,000 steps. I’m beginning to feel some tightness in my body from doing the exercise dvd with Sunshine.