Days 5 & 6 and HAPPY BIRTHDAY and weigh-in day

July 19 – Calories – 720

Breakfast English muffin with slice turkey, dijon mustard, laughing cow cheese

Snack – protein shake

Lunch – honey almond flax bar (kashi), java monster

Dinner – grilled chicken breast and sweet corn on the cob

July 20 – Calories – 1,481

Breakfast – White chocolate mocha w/ nonfat milk and no whip (starbucks)

Lunch – doritos

Dinner – Spaghetti

Snacks – 2 cupcakes and 3 blow pops

* Started week 3 on c25k this week and so far have done that Wednesday and Friday. *

First off July 20th is my baby boy’s birthday! He turned 3. We enjoyed his birthday and of course bought him some elmo cupcakes! I also was busy making goody bags for the party guests for his actual party today. Hence the blow pops I ate! So of course I didn’t too so hot yesterday with my food. Also, I am done recording my food daily for now. Six days is enough for this procrastinator to record. 🙂 I did get a good feel of how I eat though and how I can improve. I can definitely kick some bad habits like snacking for sure! I’m going to start going to the gym in August. I’m waiting for my older two kids to go back to school and then me & the little man will hit the gym atleast 2 times a week I hope. They have a daycare at the gym so he can play while Mama works out! I also plan on continuing my c25k and hopefully be able to run my first 5k this September!

So now to the scale…. I weighed in at 183 this morning which means a 5 lb. loss this week!!! I can not tell you how excited I am to finally see that scale move in the RIGHT direction. I’m thinking of posting a before and “during” photo at around week 4. I really feel like this blog is helping keep me accountable for what I eat and how I exercise so even though I don’t have any readers I guess the blog will stay. Now time to get busy for the party!


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