Food diary days 1 & 2

So last night was my cousin’s wedding. Needless to say I didn’t get home until around 11pm. And the in laws had arrived, so I am checking in a day late.

July 14 – 1,305 calories

Breakfast – mini whole wheat bagel with fat free cream cheese and a 1/2 slice of pepperjack cheese

Snack – instant strawberry oatmeal, two ritz crackers

Lunch – 2 slices cheese pizza with shrimp, green peppers, and onion

Dinner – (wedding finger food) roll, about 5 or 6 cheese cubes, strawberry, pineapple, melon chunks

July 15 – 1,741 calories

Breakfast – whole wheat mini bagel with ff cream cheese

Lunch – turkey and light miracle whip on whole wheat bun, about 6 doritos

Snack – rice krispie treat and bowl of cocoa pebbles

Dinner – 16oz coca cola, whole wheat bun with hamburger patty, light miracle whip and sliced cheese, corn on the cob

Dessert – bowl of vanilla greek yogurt, a few ritz crackers with nutella and peanut butter

To sum it up… I think I am doing better, but I can still use a lot of work on controlling my bad snacking habits. Also, I haven’t exercised in the last few days because of how busy we have been with the house. But, I think painting rooms all week plus countless hours of cleaning should count as some form of exercise! There were days when I woke up with sore arms! Speaking of, I need to get some before and after pics up of the rooms we painted.

On another topic, my MIL looks so good! She has lost around 43 lbs. since January! We were talking today about our weight loss stories, (or my lack there of ha ha!) and she is currently lifting weights at the gym. One of the first things I noticed were her toned arms. I have always hated my arm fat and am so proud (and jealous) of her arms! Apparently, lifting weights really helps you lose weight without the real bulky look. I think most women are worried if they lift they will look like a man, but it’s not true! You will look hot! I also found out that she is my height and started out at the exact same weight as me. So it was very inspiring to see and talk to someone close to me that really did it. She looks great and happy, and she deserves it. My goal is by the next time we visit them this December, to have lost as much weight as her. It can happen. If I can just stay focused, hence the blog. 😉

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