4th of July madness

Ok, I know it’s not a great idea to start a new lifestyle of healthy eating right before a holiday, and I proved that to be true this week! I can say I had great intentions but when it came down to indepedance day there were definitely some slip ups. Ok the whole 4th and 5th were “all day” slip ups! We enjoyed chips, dip, coke, hot dogs, hamburgers, beans, potato salad, and some vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries and blueberries on top. Of course I had to have leftovers the next day, hence the “slip ups” on July 5th. Why does it seem we always need a day or two or sometimes even a week after a special occasion, holiday, or big event to get back to the grind? It’s kind of scary how eating a few greasy and fattening (aka delicious) meals and not worrying about portion sizes and counting calories can get us so carried away. Enough of the non sense, it’s time to get my arse in gear! Let the games begin! Weight loss games that is…

So i’ve decided to run a 5k. I don’t know WHEN said 5k will take place but hopefully soon. I’m looking at maybe early September. That will give me around 9 weeks which should be enough time to prepare my poor out of shape body for race day! We shall see.

By the way, I have decided I will probably have to change my diet plan since I will be running. I previously mentioned cutting back on carbs as it’s a great way to kick start your weight loss, but if i’m going to be exercising more I should probably expect to be eating more carbs for my energy needs. As long as I don’t go crazy with that, I think i’ll be ok.

This is what my plans look like for the day eating/exercising wise:

B- 1/3 cup oatmeal with fresh strawberries

S- 2oz cheese

L- romaine lettuce, 2T light ranch dressing, 3oz chicken breast

S- mixed veges

D- tuna from water, light miracle whip, boiled egg, bun

Water, water, water!

Exercise – Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism dvd/ C25K http://c25kfree.com/

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