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14/11/2009 November 14, 2009

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B: Bowl oatmeal, raisins and tsp honey
L: Stir fried vegetables and brown rice
D: Stir fried vegetables and quinoa
S: Some pecans



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B: Orange and banana smoothie
L: Stir fried babycorn, mangetout and red pepper in hot chili tomato sauce, with brown rice
S: Bowl oatmeal, with honey and raisins
D: Stir fried veg with spices and tomato
S: Pumpkin seeds and raisins

I’m working all weekend.. and BF is working nights so I won’t see him in the evenings. This will really help me to stay on track the next couple of days. Have already told him too that I wont be going crazy or drinking a lot on our next days off together. I’d really like to see the number on the scale decrease a bit.. has been faltering between 182 & 179 all week.


12/11/2009 November 12, 2009

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Here’s today’s.. not much else to say because I was in work all day… snore.

B: Bowl pumpkin seeds, raisins, sultanas

L: Bowl oatmeal with 1 tsp honey

D: Cerna (fish) steak with baked sweet potato slices

Have found out that a Curves gym is opening a few miles away. I used to be a member in Dublin and I really enjoyed it but once I moved to Malta, sadly there were none.. So I’m pretty excited to join this one when it opens.. Hope my man will be happy to drop me there and collect me three times a week!



11/11/2009 November 11, 2009

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Had a really nice day today.. a day of not much consequence where not a lot happened.. but.. it was just so pleasant. Woke up feeling crappy after the wine last night.. we got through 2 bottles of red at the restaurant and a couple more glasses when back home.. So yes woke up with a muzzy head on me and not in the mood for much of anything.. Anyway I got a sudden burst of motivation and completely gutted the kitchen, all the while chatting to my man and laughing and joking. It’s his birthday today so he’s in a great mood. Once the kitchen was done he cooked some pasta. I loved it, but he had made it so spicy with chillies that he couldn’t eat it! After that we went to a car dealership to look at buying a new car. We’re currently driving around a 1967 Austin Mini and although it was fun and a novelty to begin with.. the novelty definitely wears off when you are effectively driving around in an antique.. So we went and found a gorgeous little car that we really want.. so we will see how that pans out.. Went to the cinema then, saw Up, such a sweet funny movie, I loved it. Thankfully didnt gorge TOO badly at the cinema. Was bad but could have been worse.

D: Wholewheat pasta cooked with tomato paste, soya cream, and chillies

Later: Some cinema popcorn and a kit kat.


10/11/2009 November 10, 2009

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Ugh, woke up feeling hungover. That’s what happens when you drink with very little food I guess. Oh well, onwards and upwards.. The scale said 178 this morning, but I think this was probably because I was dehydrated and I didn’t eat much at all yesterday. Unfortunately I will be having a few glasses of wine tonight because I’m going out to dinner with my man for his birthday. But it’s a once off, I really don’t want to drink on more than one occasion a week.  I dragged myself up and out for some fresh air in the late afternoon and went shopping. I wanted something new to wear tonight, I’m sick to death of my clothes and its getting colder now. Got some nice jeans and a shirt, both UK size 16. I really hope I drop a size soon. They weren’t beat onto me like the clothes in the same shop were a couple of months back so maybe I’ve lost a little since then. Anyway! Here’s my menu for today..

L: Baked sweet potato slices with paprika, a bowl of curried lentils

D: Will probably be a salad, although I’m starving so I’m not sure. Will update later

Edit: SO MUCH FOR EATING SALAD! lol! Got to the restaurant absolutely STARVING, hadn’t eaten for hours. Shared a starter of squid rings and olive and cheese bites, for main had green ravioli stuffed with ricotta and asparagus, then we had dessert.. slice of baileys cake. Terrible terrible behaviour. Not to mention all the alcohol. 2 bottles of wine with the meal and about 3 glasses each when we got back. The next 4 days will be sooo healthy.



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Menu for today:

Woke up in the late afternoon after my night shift so there was no breakfast or lunch.

D: Went out to eat, 2 small dinner rolls with butter, a tiny fillet of rockfish, and the dish was 60% fries which I mostly managed to avoid, had about 5 of them. Not a filling meal!

Drinks: Several glasses of rose


Red pepper, pea & onion curry November 8, 2009

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One I concocted myself yesterday and really enjoyed.. I’m posting the recipe so I can remember it for future. I deliberately made this dish spicy because I have a cold and was hoping the spices might help blast it! I brought it to work and really enjoyed it.

Can chopped tomatoes. 1 large red pepper, 2 onions, inch piece of ginger, all chopped. Half a cup of frozen peas. Spices tumeric, cumin, chili powder, coriander (1/2 tsp) and curry powder (2 tsp) .

Fry onion, ginger, spices in olive oil for a few mins, then add the chopped pepper and peas, fry for a few mins more, add can of chopped tomatoes, then simmer for 10 mins or so.

Serve with brown rice.. serves 2


Ahh.. here we go. 08/11/2009

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Green tea08/11/2009

Have decided to keep a blog for my various ramblings and also to keep a record of what I’m eating daily.

I’ll keep my first entry short and sweet rather than a big long introduction about myself, no one wants to know that! Basically I’ve packed on weight from enjoying myself a bit too much over the years, and now I’d like to get rid of it. I more or less follow the Mediterranean diet, which suits me and is easy enough to follow because I’m currently living in Malta. Am a fan of whole foods/raw foods/veganism BUT I’m also realistic with myself. It’s important to follow an eating plan that you can do for life. I haven’t eaten meat for a year but I do now enjoy fish the odd time and I try to keep dairy low. My biggest vice is wine.. I simply love a big glass of wine, whether I’m home watching tv or out for a meal, or having a cosy night in with my man. This is something I need to keep in check so at the moment I am trying not to have alcohol more than once a week. Keeping this blog will also help me to keep a record of this.  

My weight as of today is 182lbs.. let’s hope that’s the highest figure this page will see.

Here’s my menu for today. I might mention that I had a shocking week foodwise last week so I’ve been trying to be good the past few days. I’m on a night shift so the menu is a bit backwards but it’s as follows:

Early evening : Bowl of lentils, cooked with tomato and spices

Later evening: Same

Early morning: Bowl oatmeal with apple pieces and sunflower seeds

Snacks: Handful almonds

Also a few cups of green tea