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Day…Idek :S October 28, 2011

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Okay well its been like a week or so I think and ive been following this 1600 calorie low carb diet…. same one they put me on when i was pregnant because i got gestational diabeties…. and let me tell you at first it was really hard to find food to make that would be that little calories and carbs and that ILL ACTUALLY EAT … im not a big vegetable person when it comes to weird veggies like spinach and artichokes and brussel sproats and stuff i like ur normal veggies celery peppers lettuce etc… anyways i dont mind eating the big salad everyday i actually love salas i miss cesear salad but ill survive lol….

anyways im eating these meals or at least trying to but im not liking them and i feel like im going to slip up soon if i dont find something i enjoy.. 🙁 ive also put myself on a water only diet after dinner…. and cut back my milk intake drastically which is killing me… im like a heroin addict going off drugs… im literally having withdrawls from not having milk … 🙁

so anyone reading this plz help ./…. maybe suggest some recipes low carb for me….. thanks everyone 🙂


im back! October 22, 2011

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Okay so i know ive been gone for awhile… but im back now…

So my starting weight is 218 and ive been walking about 2km+ a day now and running around with my son…

Ive been eating a little better but finding it hard to control my urges for snacks…. any suggestions from fellow bloggers?

and ive been pretty stressed out lately about a few things especially my younger brother… hes 17 and has really low blood pressure and been passing out and his heart beats really fast. hes not overweight or anything like that but were worried it could be a heart problem so were just waiting for tests to come back. but the wait is stressing me out which is causing my weight to fluctuate as well. 🙁 oh well hopefully we hear soon!


day #2 October 13, 2011

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well its day 2 and im feeling really motivated today after reading countless posts about weight loss in the 100s im so impressed with everyone and im sure i can do this now!!! ive cleared out my cupboards of all junk food and crappy food and made a new grocery list which ill be heading to get later on my walk. this morning i cleaned my house top to bottom for 3 hours and did laundry for another 2 with my baby boy. then i spent an hour playing dance dance revolution on workout mode and burnt off my goal calories for the session. had lunch and now im on here just sending a shout out. the rest of my day will consist of finishing my laundry, playing with my son , my walk to do groceries and visiting with his dad… so if anything else comes up ill be sure to come back and post :))


1st post october 12th 2011 October 12, 2011

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OKay so here goes… today my son decided to be a cranky bum and scream and cry all day … i thot it might have been his teeth cause hes teething but i gave him oragel and tylonel and he still wouldnt calm down. tried absolutely everything… so im running on two days with no sleep and absolutely stressed to the max. on a side note i should mention that when im stressed out my weight fluctuates up and down 20lbs so its frustrating and im a stress eater. 🙁 so with both of that said todays not been a good day for me. hopefully tomorrow i can get back to myself and exercise and Aiden will cooperate.