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Need To Get Back On The Band Wagon

Not that I totally fell off I just get a week before my period and then I start and I am always up 5lbs but I do eat crappy off and on a week before my cycle I dont want to ruin everything that I work hard for the rest of the month. So needless to say TOM came yesterday I was down to 134.9  and I am 139.2 Sigh Can one gain that much with starting there cycle?? I tend  to stay away from the scale usually but I thought I would be daring today just dont want to have a crappy day because of it.. Out to run again tonight again can you say weight paranoid….

I havent done points or anything I have just been trying to eat heathier and exercise but my mind says what could I really accomplish if I plunged this thing whole heartly and no cheating…

Last year I went from 08 I went from 167 lbs down to 153 lbs so that was 14lbs in a year

09 Jan 1st I was 153.9 lbs and last weigh in I was down to 135.9 so that is 18ld this year

I would love to loose more my goal was 120lbs but I think I am going to make it 125 lbs

I am 5 2 1/2 so I dont know if that is good or not I tell you with being almost 37 years old I sure find it harder to loose weight but … No Buts i just find itharder

DD is home today under the weather and mom isnt working so I am going to work on my to do list..

Well I must get my days started gals Have a great one

And where are all the fellow chicks hiding???? Come out Come out

Time to get on the band wagon…

Just weighed myself I am up three lbs not sure who what when where why or how it might just be water weight so the weigh in was 140 and mid august i was down to 137.

My new goal is 130 should i give myself 8 weeks? I am finding it harder to take off now its frustrating.. I would love to have a tummy tuck once all this weight is off me i have alot of extra skin and hell they can take the stretch marks as well not sure how much a tummy tuck would cost have any of you gals had it done?

The girls head back to school tommorrow I am sorta sad i really enjoy having them home and I need to getback into the swing of things..

I have meet the teacher tonight but i am off to take a little nap before that as I didnt sleep very welllast night


August 28th… wow

Not sure where the time is going but it sure doesnt seem like I have not posted for a month.. almost wow. I was searching the journals and alot of gals have been just as busy so I do not feel that bad… 🙂

Weigh in was 138 so I am up one lb in a month and down nothing although I am due to start TOM monday..

The girls go back to school Sept 9/09 so that is quickly approaching and with Girl Guide enrollment and swimming and my oldest having a job there isnt going to be alot of free time..

Just want to stop by and say hello nothing really exciting has happened over the summer..

5 weeks of MIA and need to get back in the swing…

Ok its time to stop feeling the way I am feeling i am almost 37 years old I dont know if I feel sorry for myself or what this move has been a killer for me….. sigh trying to up and run my business again has been hard when you already have a clientelle but I need to stop whining and start living or the years will pass and I will have regrets… In 5 weeks I am down to 137 lbs I am not sure why but in one year I am down 31lbs and it hasnt been from eating carrots sticks and running marathons because I havent done any running since i broke my tailbone back in march.. I think i just need some easterners to move here I am tired of hearing the term redneck from nova scotia errrrr People are so materialistic here the more you have the better of a person you are hmm I just treat all equal but they dont here I have accomplished 13 months whooooo. My oldest has gotten her first job she is almost 18 and she is working at subway only about 14 hours a week but it is something trying to get in the mode of getting stuff ready for them for back to school all gets so expensive… The business front is up and down you can make 50 .00 one week and 350 the next I guess thats a joy of having a homebased business and I have only bee open for 5 months so it will take awhile to be steady everyday just like home wahhhh home… I can do this its suppertime here thinking about being ambitious and taking the kids to the mall to lookk too look hmmmm they are only 10 and 17 looking not… Have a great weekned chickies I am going to try and read blogs over the weekend and get caught up I didnt want to have 5 weeks of me venting on ya 🙂

love ya all


Ahhh Not a Happy Monday…lol

Just stepped on the scaled 145 WTH???? I think it could have been the ham which has salt and the rice with soya sauce which is high in sodium…. I was almost down to 140 errrrrrrr Ok deep breath I will drink lots of water and see if it goes away …..

will be back to post later i think if i post now it will just be

Almost Done Another Week

Weight in this am was 143 uggh actually 143.8 but i did make cupcakes yesterday and ate one when I let all the dogs out to pee through the night.. arrrrr

Oldest dd was in a bike accident on monday she is ok though thank god she had her hoody hanging over her back it got caught in her wheel and over the handle bars she went and on her face. She has barely no skin on her face and she is bruised up pretty bad but those things will heal it just looked sooo much worse at the time…

She writes her math exam today she gets so stressed out she is determined to keep her 90-s average but I tell her not to make herself sick about it….

Hailee my youngest only has 6 days of school left and Jess only has 4 they are pretty excited. It will be nice to just go to work and not worry about having to organzie a school day… wait then I need to hear I am board or there is no one to play

I couldnt beleive how much it costs to landscape stuff I had bought some rocks to go around the front tree so I got 4 bags of rocks and some landscaping fabric and that was 45.00 holy poop……

I am gonna try to go and get some bills done and paid and get a little bit of my housework done but will be back to check up on you gals

have a great day

Tuesday June 09

What an original title…lol Ok weigh in this am was 141.9 so I have lost about 12lbs this year and I hope to never find them again…. I am going to go through my jeans this week and get rid off all the pairs that dont fit .. I was waiting till I had lost all my weigh but I would rather one or two pairs that fit nicely instead of ones that just bag off me. Right now my weightloss goal is 130 by sept 1st so that is about one lbs a week i think.. I just need to be able to get into more exercise.

Today my youngest has her kidney specialist appointment she has been on meds contantly as she has been getting UTI’s monthly for the year before so it will be good to see what the doctor has planned..

Last night I ended up working in the salon from 5:45pm-9:30 and I brought in about 120.00 so it was well worth it putting in the extra hours… Today I dont have anyone booked in I am going to go to walmart this am and i found a quilt store that has quilts for 29.99 so I am going to buy one for my oldest and then I am picking my youngest up at school at 12 and we are going for a lunch date and then off to the doctors.. I am gonna start getting serious again about journalling my food as i dont think I am overeating at all but sometimes i know it isnt all good food.. just want to be accountable.

Well its almost 7 am off to start my day make a few comments on some blogging and will come back later and coment some more

have a great day

Midway through the week sigh…..

Yesterday I had an appointment with the ob/gyn theydid another biopsy as they said my cervix just doesnt look white they tell me it is suppose to be pink and smooth and mine is white and lumpy. They are thinking the white are cancer cells that are dormat . I have to call back in three weeks for the biopsy report and we will take it from there. Weigh in was 143.6 it may be the salt catching up with me. This am i have a drs appointment to get my kidney meds refilled and I have to get my tailbone rechecked It seems to always be something..

I just wish my tailbone would feel 100 percent better all at once but … I guess it will take awhile now that I can walk again i am thinking about getting back into walking again I know I wont be able to run for a bit but at least some physical activity.

Last night my youngest had a soccer game we lost but she still had fun I find alot of the team will give up after the other team scores one…

Today my daughter was suppose to do tree planting with the girl guides but I told her we need to work on some of her project as she has soccer again tommorrow..

Thats all the exciting stuff that has happened in 24 hours I was going to check today to see how much they charge for a haircut here in town it has been 6 months today since i had a trim tsk tsk considering i tell my clients every 6-8 weeks i am not setting a good example.

I would like to also check out to see how much the little brick flower gardens are they are prolly an arm and a leg but i guess I could window shop

off to straighten my hair and put on some make up my dr app is in 40 min

have a great day!!

I cant believe it is June and the weather is still crappy…

hey there chickies

weigh in this am was 142.9 I will take it . I am a little worried thought cause my b-day was  on theweekend and i had cake and hotdogs and choc covered almonds and even though the scale is down today Linda T has always told me that it will catch up with you and it does…….. I was sorta in a crappy mood this weekend turning 36 really bothered me I have so much I want to do travel and get bills paid off and be successful (fine time of thinking of being successful when I am almost 40) I just find everything cost so much money but they i am also scared if i wait to do everything i may not have use of my legs or something silly like that my mom died when she was 38 of a brain anurysm so that really weighs on my mind. I cant wait till my back starts to heal either exercise has been nil…….

Ok over the weekend hmmm I bought new curtain and some paint and a pantry and a new outfit for myself now just to get it paid off the line of credit . Last year when I left nova scotia i was a size 12 and i was able to buy a size 8 capri pant from marks work warehouse and i could have prolly did a size 6 as they did have stretch in the but my belly still has a bit of a pillsberry dough girl…lol

My goal is 125 but yet that seems sooo far away…. 17lbs which will probably be really hard to get off.. once i can move though i think some hard work and alot of exercise i will be able to do it. I just need to learn it is ok to push myself above my limits and have more confidence in myself..

I have a specialists appointment today to get another biopsy done for this whole cervical cancer thing and my youngest has a soccer game tonight

This weekend I also sorted through one of my storage rooms and got rid of 4 garbage bags there still isnt alot of room in the storage room i just find it hard to part with things like the kids toys i have memory foam pillows i havent used so i got rid of those which made me feel sick cause they were 60 bucks each and i got rid of 3 fish aquariums because i have 3 dogs and a cat i really dont need fish it was just really hard to get rid of the stuff….

Well thats about all for today off to fill my glass with some diet coke and read your guys journals and start my day

have a great one

May 26/09

Oh man I was just on facebook and I didnt know Kim Lost her dad It brought tears to my eyes and I suddley feel really sick to my stomach. Is kim blogging?? It is so amazing how close we become as friends and alot of us have never even met one another but when one of the 3 fat chicks hurt I hurt If that makes any sense.

I did weigh in this am as I wanted to check out how much damage has been done with this silly broken tailbone and I weighed in at 145 so I am actually down a bit . I am only down 8 or 9 lbs since January which sucks but at least it is a loss and not a gain I keep telling myself. My back is starting to heal I think as I am getting a little more mobile..

I didnt take anytime off work which I probably should have but when you own your own business in your head you are open 24/7 as there is ALways something to do.

My oldest has her FIRST job interview this evening it is at a gas station/quick mart so I dont know who is more nervous her or me…lol I have been trying to go through some of my stuff and get organized more for those who know me they would say you are organized enough but I feel when I know where stuff is I am a happier gal..

Business for the week hasnt been too bad Monday I pulled a 250.00 day well then minus my color but I havent figured that out yet. and then Tuesday was a 70.00 day . I didnt have anything yesterday and so far booked today I have three cuts and styles but yet it is only

I painted the front door yesterday and the family worked on the deck I would have like the deck color to be a bit darker but Home Depot matched it up and said it was cedar and I just have about 10 more boards to paint (I ran out of paint) SO it will stay that I also bought some 12×12 patio stones for the back yard so the dogs dont bring in 12 little muddyfoot prints…lol

Today I have a to do list with 50 things on it I am not sure if I will get it all accomplished as I do have those three cuts and my youngest has soccer tonight and my oldest has her job interview but i am going to try and put a dent in it..

I can not wait to be able to get more active again I am missing it but I know it is going to hurt bad to restart a routine but I am not going to get anywheres if I dont exercise..

My goal for the end of the summer well beggining of september is 130 which is 15lbs .. Which may happen or it may not . Not that I dont have confidence in myself but ever since I hit 150 and downwards every lb seems to be harder and harder to loose. and the age thing doesnt help.. I will be turning 36 on Sunday and I feel horrible I feel old and I dont want to age anymore I just want to STOP time… Ok Enough whining I cant stop time lets move on..

I think I will make chicken ceasar salad tonight with some whole grain rolls. easy and quick.

I think I have covered pretty much an update of whats been going on Off to read some journals and start my day

Have a great one

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