Need To Get Back On The Band Wagon

Not that I totally fell off I just get a week before my period and then I start and I am always up 5lbs but I do eat crappy off and on a week before my cycle I dont want to ruin everything that I work hard for the rest of the month. So needless to say TOM came yesterday I was down to 134.9¬† and I am 139.2 Sigh Can one gain that much with starting there cycle?? I tend¬† to stay away from the scale usually but I thought I would be daring today just dont want to have a crappy day because of it.. Out to run again tonight again can you say weight paranoid….

I havent done points or anything I have just been trying to eat heathier and exercise but my mind says what could I really accomplish if I plunged this thing whole heartly and no cheating…

Last year I went from 08 I went from 167 lbs down to 153 lbs so that was 14lbs in a year

09 Jan 1st I was 153.9 lbs and last weigh in I was down to 135.9 so that is 18ld this year

I would love to loose more my goal was 120lbs but I think I am going to make it 125 lbs

I am 5 2 1/2 so I dont know if that is good or not I tell you with being almost 37 years old I sure find it harder to loose weight but … No Buts i just find itharder

DD is home today under the weather and mom isnt working so I am going to work on my to do list..

Well I must get my days started gals Have a great one

And where are all the fellow chicks hiding???? Come out Come out

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  1. moonfairy on November 16th, 2009

    i’m thinking of revising my goal to 125 too. who said i needed to be 120? why am i stuck on that number? oh well, i guess what’s more important to me is how i look in my clothes.

    good job on losing more this year vs. last year.

  2. lemondropz998 on December 18th, 2009

    hey! I’m back! lol thats awesome how you are able to keep track from year to year! Keep up the good work!

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